Flu Shots Available Now!

Flu shots start Wednesday, September 4th for patients that already have appointments.  Appointments can start being made for nurse visits starting Wednesday, September 11th.


What kind of flu vaccine is it? 

We have the Quadrivalent and the High Potency. 

Do we take walk ins?

No, we cannot accommodate walk ins due to the high volume of patients that we are trying to provide exceptional care to that have scheduled appointments.

Is it preservative free?


Can my caregiver get the flu shot? 

No, (unless they are the spouse) please refer them back to their PCP or other MVN clinics.  All patients must have a Michigan Medicine medical record number and current insurance in the system.

Do we have flu mist?


What is the dosing of the flu shot?

All patients 6 months and older receive .5 ml regardless of age.