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The University of Michigan Geriatrics Center is a national leader in the provision of geriatric medical education, research on aging, and clinical care of elderly patients. The Geriatrics Center is also committed to providing educational and social support services to our greater community. Your gift to the Geriatrics Center in support of one or all of our missions helps us to continue advancing the treatment and support of older individuals to ensure their highest possible well-being. Contributions can help in many ways:

Scholarship and faculty support

The Geriatrics Center’s mission of educating top-notch geriatricians to practice in the community and become national leaders in the field of aging is critically important. With an impending shortage of geriatricians, your gift to support faculty professorships and fellowship training positions enhances our role in the advancement of Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Medical Education.

Community Programs and Services

The University of Michigan Geriatrics Center Social Work and Community Programs reach out—to those in need and to those who seek continuing social and intellectual enrichment—providing programs, counseling, information and support and  positively impacting  the well-being of the many individuals and families we meet. Through the extraordinary dedication and commitment of our social workers, staff members, volunteers and donors, we offer an amazing range of quality social and health programs and services to older individuals.

Today, possibly more than at any other time, our services are critically important, and your philanthropic support is essential to help with purchase of materials, equipment, transportation and support staff, including the multitude of volunteers who are so vital to our programs. Your donations also provide scholarships to individuals who cannot afford the hourly day-care rate or even modest or occasional program fees.

Research support

Your gift to support cutting-edge research in a particular area of gerontological investigation, through designated funds or faculty support, is crucial in the pursuit of innovative projects and studies that are too early to be funded by other sources. The Geriatrics Center is a leader in research to ultimately impact longevity and quality of life in later years. Faculty are currently conducting important research in such areas as:

  • Age-related diseases including diabetes, arthritis, neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Improving medical care and overall quality of life for older patients who have been hospitalized and are transitioning to home or care facilities;
  • Optimizing medical care and overall quality of life for those living in nursing homes or assisted care facilities;
  • Basic science research into the biology and mechanisms of aging and aging-related disease, including molecular and animal studies on cardiac aging and the effects of drugs and diet on longevity;
  • The development and effectiveness of intervention programs for older patients at risk for falls, delirium, depression, and other debilitating conditions.

You can make your gift to the area of your choice, or to our overall mission to improve the quality of life of older persons, by clicking the "give online" button at the top of this page, or by clicking here.