March 18, 2015

Funding Announcement: HIV/AIDS-related Research. Research Training or Research Education Supplement

Fogarty International Center grantees are eligible to apply for one year of supplemental funding of up to $50,000 total direct costs for HIV/AIDS-related research, research training or research education. Principal Investigators should submit proposals by email directly to Dr. Jeanne McDermott ([email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>by June 15, 2015.

Announcement details are included below.

Parent Grant Eligibility:  The parent grant does not need to specifically focus on HIV research, research training, or research education.   However, the activities proposed in the supplement application must be within the scope of the parent grant activities and be HIV-related (Office of AIDS Research FY2015Trans-NIH Plan for HIV-Related Research at  Applicants should include a paragraph in the proposal that describes how the proposed project fits within the specific aims of the parent grant.    Only grants issued by the Fogarty International Center (grant number includes TW) that use these mechanisms are eligible:  R01, R21, U19, R24, R25, D43, G11.  Proposals from Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars grantees should focus on AIDS-related research training activities within the support center consortium and/or inter-consortia but not propose research activities for individual fellows and scholars.   New (Type 1) awards in the first year of funding or awards in no cost extensions at the supplement submission due date of June 15 are not eligible.  However, renewal awards (Type 2) in their first year of funding will be eligible.  Only one or two scientifically distinct applications per FIC parent grant may be submitted.

Research Performance Site:  Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit proposals to build additional capacity for HIV-related research, research training or research education at the LMIC institution(s) for which the grant is already funded. However, strong justification to include a new site will be considered.

Proposed Research Project Duration:  Proposals must describe research projects that can be completed within one year.   A time line for proposed activities should be included for clarity.

Required Form Pages:  Applicants should use the PHS398 form pages found at

  • Face page- signed by institution business official
  • Budget pages with budget justification
  • Biographical sketch page- for faculty and/or research trainees to be supported in the proposed project- personal statements should describe role in proposed supplement activities
  • Research/research training detailed plans for the supplement proposal - limited to five pages
  • Human Subjects and Animal protections assurances should be documented.

The application should be submitted as one pdf file.

Review:  FIC will conduct an administrative review of supplement applications for scientific merit and programmatic need.  All applications will be reviewed by FIC to assess whether the proposal fits within the scope of the parent grant and is responsive to the criteria for HIV/AIDS-related funding.   The capacity building significance for the proposed LMIC performance site and LMIC participants as well as the likelihood that the proposed activities can be accomplished in one year will be assessed.  Parent grant progress and significant carryover funds will be considered in making funding decisions.

Funding:  Supplemental funding will be added to current awards by the end of September 2015.