The Healthcare Administration Scholars Program consists of the following 9 broad topic domains.

Healthcare Economics

Goal:  Participants will develop a broad based understanding of Healthcare Economics based on the objectives listed in the following sessions.

  • Healthcare Financing
  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Coding and Billing
  • Medical Practice Structures

Operations Management

Goal: Gain a basic understanding for the underlying principles and methodology of Operations Management.  Be able to apply theory from the following topic areas to a specific issue in healthcare.


  • Process Analysis
  • Operations Management Theory
  • Critical Pathway and Bottleneck Analysis
  • Queuing Theory, Scheduling and Simulation
  • Physical Plant Design/Management

Advocacy and Outreach

Goal: Understand the role of healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions in community outreach, healthcare advocacy, professional advocacy, and vulnerable populations.


  • Local, Regional and National Advocacy and Outreach Opportunities

Information Technology

Goal: Understand the changes in the healthcare system impacted by or driven by advancements in information technology (IT).


  • National Standards in Medical Informatics
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Electronic Health Records

Hospital Administration

Goal: Understand how administrative structures may differ depending on the primary mission(s) of a hospital or physician practice group, and how that may impact high level clinical decision making, strategic directions, financial management, and physician leadership.


  • Mission Statement
  • Hospital Administration Structure
  • Policy Development
  • Interdepartmental/Unit Interactions
    Strategic Planning
  • Disaster/Catastrophe Preparedness

Professional and Leadership Development

Goal: To develop the skills to manage one’s own professional development in order to advance into positions of leadership and mentorship.


  • Positive Organizational Scholarship and Change Management
  • Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  • Effective Media Relations
  • Advocacy in Medicine

Healthcare Law and Regulations

Goal: To develop understanding of Healthcare Law and Regulatory issues.