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2017 Department of Human Genetics Faculty 

A Letter from the Interim Chair

One of our most important missions is training the next generation of scientists, teachers, physicians, and health care professionals. It is exciting to watch them develop during their time with us in the Department of Human Genetics, gratifying when they identify jobs in their chosen field, and a source of tremendous pride as their careers develop successfully and they become leaders. There is currently a lot of discussion about the number of trainees needed in various areas of bio-medical science. In fact, University of Michigan recently hosted a national meeting to bring together thought leaders across the country to address this and other questions pertinent to the future of bio-medical science graduate and postdoctoral training.

We recently reviewed the past 10 years of placement history for Department of Human Genetics M.S. and Ph.D. graduates, postdoctoral fellows and Research Investigators. I am impressed with their successes, which provide a testament to the quality of individuals we attract and the efficacy of our training programs. It is also noteworthy that our alums have chosen diverse career paths and are thriving. Faculty are adept at assisting trainees who are preparing for careers in settings like University of Michigan, but they may not have the connections or appropriate information to help trainees land jobs in other important areas of bio-medicine. We are lucky to have a rich alumni network that can fill this gap.

I hope you will "like” us on Facebook, connect with us on Linkedin, and make yourselves available to our current and future trainees for mentor-ship and career advice. 

With best regards,

David Burke