Senior Student Research Presentations

Senior GTP students present their work to current and former GTP trainees at monthly, evening research seminars from October through April. This seminar series is a student-only event, provides an opportunity for incoming GTP students to interact with senior GTP students, and ensures that senior GTP students stay engaged in the Program.

2020-21 Schedule (all begin at 4pm)

  • September 24:  Torrin McDonald "Mapping genomic structural variation using targeted nanopore sequencing"
  • October 22:  Petra Vande Zande "The Pleiotropic Effects of Regulatory Mutations"
  • November 12:  Marissa Cloutier "A Comparative Analysis of PRC2 Core Components in Imprinted X-inactivation"
  • December  17: Ethics Discussion
  • January 14: Ajay Larkin "Epigenetic Adaptation Driven by Heterochromatic Misregulation"
  • February 18:  Melissa Englund "Discovery and characterization of negative cis-regulatory elements in the human genome"
  • March 4: Brian Peterson "Dissecting the mechanics of the Hrd1-centric ERAD System"
  • April 15: Callie Swanepoel "The contribution of large palindromes to selfish chromosomes"
  • May :  Ethics Discussion


GTP Sr. Student Seminar 2019-2020

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