HG 632 - FALL 2015

Fall Term - 1 credit


Course Description

The GTP trainees participate in this course in the fall term. Active GTP faculty members present informal seminars about a research area in their laboratories to introduce GTP students to genetic strategies, research, and technologies used at the Michigan undergraduate and medical school campuses. The small group setting facilitates interaction and discussion among students and faculty. A recent, relevant publication is distributed to the students to read prior to the class meeting.

2015 Schedule

  • October 5: Paul Jenkins, PhD, "Giant ankyrin-G and GABAergic Synaptogenesis: Implications for Neuropsychiatric Disease"
  • October 19: Evan Snitkin, PhD, "Whole Genome Sequencing to Study the Epidemiology and Evolution of Healthcare Associated Infections"
  • October 26: Jacob Kitzman, PhD, "Convergent Saturation Analysis to Dissect Allelic Heterogeneity"
  • November 2: Peter Freddolino, PhD, "Tracking Ecological Footprints in Microbial Regulatory Networks"
  • November 9: JK Nandakumar, PhD, "Genetics from the Perspective of a Telomere Biochemist/Structural Biologist"
  • November 16: Kimbersly Seed, PhD, "Phage Encoded CRISPR-Cas: A Key Weapon in the Coevolutionary Arms Race between Vibrio cholerae and a Predatory Phage"
  • November 23: Sue Hammoud, PhD, "Sperm Chromatin a Molecular Carrier of Epigenetic Information to Future Generations"
  • November 30: Monica Dus, PhD, "When the fairy Takes Away the Sweet Tooth: The Neurogenetics of Nutrient Sensing"