HG 632 - FALL 2016

Fall Term - 1 credit


Course Description

The GTP trainees participate in this course in the fall term. Active GTP faculty members present informal seminars about a research area in their laboratories to introduce GTP students to genetic strategies, research, and technologies used at the Michigan undergraduate and medical school campuses. The small group setting facilitates interaction and discussion among students and faculty. A recent, relevant publication is distributed to the students to read prior to the class meeting.

2016 Schedule

  • September 19: Laura Buttitta, PhD, "How the Cell Influences Chromatin and how Chromatin Changes Impact the Cell Cycle - a Lesson from Drosophila Metamorphosis"
  • September 26: Michael Holinstat, PhD, "Identification of Genetic Markers for Thrombotic Risk by Race"
  • October 3: Patrick O'Brien, PhD, "Consequences of DNA Alkylation and Mechanisms of DNA Repair"
  • October 10: Cristen Willer, PhD, "Using Genetics to Understand the Biological Basis of Cardiovascular Diseases"
  • October 24: Eric Martens, PhD, "Genomic and Genetic Approaches to Understanding the Human Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease"
  • October 31: Kenneth Kwan< PhD, "Neural Diversity and Connectivity in Cerebral Cortex Development"
  • November 14: Alan Boyle, PhD, "Large-scale Genomic Study of Gene Regulation"
  • November 21: Stephanie Bielas, PhD, "Using Human Genetics to Understand Brain Development and Neuropathology"