HG 632 - FALL 2019

Fall Term - 1 credit

Kaushik Ragunathan, Ph.D.

Course Description

The GTP trainees participate in this course in the fall term. Active GTP faculty members present informal seminars about a research area in their laboratories to introduce GTP students to genetic strategies, research, and technologies used at the Michigan undergraduate and medical school campuses. The small group setting facilitates interaction and discussion among students and faculty. A recent, relevant publication is distributed to the students to read prior to the class meeting.

2019 Schedule

  • September 16: John Moran, Ph.D., "Introduction to the Genetics Training Program (GTP)"
  • September 23: Alice Telesnitsky, Ph.D., "Virus genetics, with a focus on phenotypic and genotypic mixing, as applied to lentiviral vectors"
  • September 30: Teresa O'Meara, Ph.D., "Functional genomics of fungal pathogens"
  • October 07: Shigeki Iwase, Ph.D., "Neuronal-activity dependent use of transcription start sites"
  • October 21: Sue Hammoud, Ph.D. "Exploring the role of paternal histone in development"
  • October 28: Anthony Vecciarelli, Ph.D. "Mechanisms of trafficking, inheritance, and homeostasis of a bacterial organelle"
  • November 04: Vern Carruthers, Ph.D., "Genetic approaches to interrogate parasite pathogenesis and pathogen-host interactions"
  • November 11: Harry Mobley, Ph.D. "Uropathogenic E. coli as a Model Genetic Organism"
  • November 18:  Matt Chapman, Ph.D. "Bacterial Amyloid Formation Inside and Out"
  • December 02: Sundeep Kalantry, Ph.D. "Tracing the Evolutionary Origins of Mammalian X-chromosome Dosage Compensation"
  • December 09: Steve Parker, Ph.D. "From GWAS to Therapeutic Targets Using Statistical Molecular Genetics"