September 19, 2022

White House Office of Science & Technology Policy Clinical Genomics and Equity Virtual Event 9/22

Wendy R. Uhlmann, MS, CGC (Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine and Human Genetics) will be moderating a panel of experts during a Webinar on Clinical Genomics organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Wendy R.Uhlmann, MS, CGC

Wendy R. Uhlmann, MS, CGC

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Thursday, September 22, 1:00 – 3:00 pm EDT

Advances in science and technology are only as powerful as the ability of all Americans to have equitable access to their benefits. Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, the cost of genomic sequencing has dropped significantly. At the same time, the speed of sequencing has greatly accelerated, with platforms able to provide results and provisional diagnoses in some cases in less than 24 hours. These advances have enabled and accelerated a transition of genomics from research into clinical care, which can provide life-saving and life-changing diagnoses in record time. Using genetic diagnoses, providers can prescribe more targeted, precision therapeutics and interventions that can dramatically alter and improve health outcomes for newborns with serious medical conditions.

In spite of these advances and their life-saving potential, there is highly uneven uptake in the deployment and application of clinical genomics. Stakeholders have reported a variety of challenges that have inhibited broad and equitable access to genetic sequencing. This event will explore the barriers to genomic sequencing and showcase some potential strategies and models for enabling patient access.

Open to Members of Press and the Public: “Clinical Genomics: Ending Diagnostic Odysseys & Enhancing Equity in Patient Care”

WHAT: The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in close partnership with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, is hosting a webinar on clinical genomics September 22, 2022. This event will engage a variety of stakeholder groups, with significant representation from patients and patient organizations, as well as professionals from the genetics community, including genetic counselors, medical geneticists, and researchers along with decisionmakers from state Medicaid and private insurance plans.


  • Laura Appel, Executive VP of Government Relations & Public Policy, Michigan Health & Hospital Association
  • Diana W. Bianchi, M.D., Director, NICHD
  • Max Bronstein, Assistant Director for Health Innovation, OSTP
  • Chester Brown, M.D., PhD, Genetics Division Chief, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Caleb Bupp, M.D., FACMG, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division Chief Medical Genetics & Genomics, Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
  • Lynne Carter, M.D., MPH, Medical Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Brian Keisling, Director, Bureau of Medicaid Policy, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services
  • Stephen Kingsmore, D.Sc., President/CEO of Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine
  • Bruce Korf, M.D., PhD, Chief Genomics Officer, University of Alabama Medicine,
  • Teri Manolio, M.D., PhD, Director of Division of Genomic Medicine, NHGRI 
  • Wendy R. Uhlmann, M.S., Genetic Counselor. Clinical Professor, Departments of Internal Medicine (Division of Genetic Medicine) and Human Genetics, University of Michigan
  • Susie Wingate (San Diego, CA): Hudson’s Story, Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency (RTD)
  • Carrie Wolinetz, PhD, Deputy Director, Health & Life Sciences, OSTP

WHERE: The event will be conducted virtually. To register for the event, please visit:

CONTACT: For press inquiries related to this event or OSTP’s work regarding clinical genomics, please email [email protected]

Wendy R. Uhlmann, MS, LCGC

Wendy Uhlmann, MS, CGC

Clinical Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Clinical Professor, Department of Human Genetics
Genetic Counselor / Clinic Coordinator, Medical Genetics Clinic
Faculty, Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine
Director/Senior Genetic Counselor, Medical Genetics Clinic