Spotlight on Alumi Carreers - Amy Gaviglio

Amy Gaviglio, M.S.

Amy Gaviglio (MS, 2007) didn’t hesitate to take initiative when searching for a job. “I cold-called the Minnesota Department of Health and came in for a visit over the Thanksgiving holiday. Little did I know, they were opening up a position, and the rest is history!” 

Her determination paid off, and Amy was able to land a job that combined her genetic counseling skills and strong interest in public health. As a Certified Genetic Counselor for the Minnesota Department of Health, Amy supervises follow-ups for the Newborn Screening Program. This life-saving screening program aims to test all infants born in the state of Minnesota for over 50 rare disorders, with the goals of more rapid diagnoses and early intervention. Amy also aids in education, policy, and process development in public health genetics at the local and national level. “I love making a difference at the population level, I love the variety.” 

Amy was inspired to go into Public Health during her time at Michigan, after attending lectures from prominent faculty such as Toby Jayaratne and Sharon Kardia. “If I were back in school now, I would do the dual genetic counseling/MPH degree.” 

Involvement in organizations such as the March of Dimes, Genetic Alliance, and Association of Public Health Labs help to give valuable experience to those interested in pursuing a line of work similar to Amy’s. “Make connections! Enjoy your time in the DHG, meet new people, and push yourself. Go Blue!!”