Jadie Moon

PIBS Graduate Student


Jadie graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019 with a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an emphasis on Immunology and Pathology. She spent 2 years at the Joint Bioenergy Institute during her undergraduate years performing research in Jay Keasling's lab. Her research involved optimizing microorganism engineering to develop tools for synthetic biology.

After graduation, she joined an industry lab in a biotech company called Xcell Biosciences in San Francisco where she worked as an Assay Development Specialist for 2 years. At Xcell Biosciences, she investigated the effects of the tumor microenvironment on gene/protein expression profile, physiology, and functionality of cancer cell lines, primary tumor cells, and primary immune cells. Jadie joined the University of Michigan in 2021 to pursue her PhD in Immunology.

Research Interests

Translational research focused on studying mechanisms of inflammation and autoimmunity. Specifically interested in studying skin inflammation and immune, metabolic, epigenetic, and environmental factors contributing to skin inflammation.


Rose Hills Foundation Science and Engineering Scholarship (Awarded Fall 2018 – Spring 2019)


Wehrs M., Prahl J.P., Moon J., Li Y., Tanjore D., Keasling J.D., Pray T., Mukhopadhyay A. Production efficiency of the bacterial nonribosomal peptide indigoidine relies on the respiratory metabolic state in S. cerevisiae. Microbial Cell Factory 2018; 17(1): 193.

Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities

Baking, running, cooking, and photography