Jane Deng

Jane Deng, M.D., M.S.

Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Section Chief Pulmonary VA Ann Arbor
Accepting Students?


Dr. Jane Deng is an Associate Professor in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. A California native, she is a graduate of the Joint Medical Program at UC-Berkeley and UC-San Francisco, where she earned her M.S. and M.D. degrees, respectively. She then did her residency training in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care at the University of Michigan. She was faculty at UCLA 2005-2016 before returning to the University of Michigan to assume the role of Section Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at the Ann Arbor VA. She continues to be active clinically and in the lab setting.

Research Interests

The Deng lab conducts translational research examining how influenza infections alter immune responses against secondary bacterial infections, using a combination of in vivo and in vitro models, as well as clinical research specimens. Currently, the lab is focused on examining now different phenotypes of neutrophils emerge in the context of different types of infections. In addition, the lab is investigating how alterations in the microbiome or type I interferons induced during influenza infections alter immune responses against bacteria. 

Research Opportunities for Rotating Students

Rotating students will have the opportunity to examine how type I interferons alter neutrophil phenotypes, using a combination of transcriptome and mass cytometry techniques. Students will learn how to isolate neutrophils and examine various aspects of neutrophil biology. The lab is supported by 2 major long-term grants which end in 2023 and 2024, respectively.