Jazib Uddin

Jazib Uddin

Immunology Program Graduate Student Pre-Candidate


Jazib graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S in Biochemistry and went on to get his MS in Pharmacology from the University of Cincinnati. Jazib joined the Graduate Program in Immunology in the Fall of 2018, and he joined the lab of Dr. Simon Hogan. Outside of the lab, Jazib likes exploring new dining and entertainment options in Ann Arbor.

Research Interests

Jazib’s research focuses on the paired immunoglobulin-like receptor (PIR-B), which is involved in the negative regulation of macrophage function in innate intestinal immune reactions. Jazib is interested in the function of these inhibitory receptors in the regulation of intestinal inflammation seen in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs).


"Novel Isoforms of Leukocyte Immunoglobulin like receptor B3 in pediatric UC", Immunology Program Retreat