Lillia Baird

Immunology Program Graduate Student Candidate


Lillia grew up outside of Boston and attended Mount Holyoke College, graduating magna cum laude with a major in biochemistry in 2018. Following graduation she spent three years as a research technician at the Boston University School of Medicine in Lee Quinton's lab, studying the innate response to bacterial pneumonia. In 2021 Lillia joined the University of Michigan School of Medicine for a PhD in immunology.

Research Interests

The role of neutrophils and sex dimorphism in ALS

Techniques Used

flow cytometry, cell culture, in vivo models


2021 Bernard Maas Fellowship University of Michigan
2018 Student Leadership and Service Award, Mount Holyoke College
2016 Abby Howe Turner Award, Mount Holyoke College

Hobbies and Extracurricular Interests

Outside of the lab you'll often find Lillia knitting, cooking, or playing with her cat, Patsy.