April 19, 2018

Welcome to our new students!

Please allow me to introduce you to our incoming class of students:

We have 4 PIBS students joining us for 2018:

  • Alexander Ethridge
  • Luis Correa
  • Francisco Gomez-Rivera
  • Mack Reynolds

In addition, we have 3 direct admit students joining this year:

  • Amnah Yamani-working with Simon Hogan
  • Jazib Uddin-working with Simon Hogan
  • Ranjitha Uppala-working with Johann Gudjonsson

Here are the current first-year students who are joining Immunology so far!

  • Sydney Smith in Chuck Parkos’ lab
  • Shannon Loftus in Michelle Kahlenberg’s lab
  • Patrick Coit-Amr in Sawalha’s lab
  • Ashley Munie in Ben Segal’s lab

We are excited to have all of you!