July 16, 2020

Announcement from Michigan Medicine on diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and health equity

July 16, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Michigan Medicine unequivocally recognizes racism as a public health issue, and the organization should be standing out as leaders against inequality. That is why the institution is committed to creating fundamental change that leads to a culture of anti-racism, and a medical school and health system that are leaders in equity, justice and inclusiveness for people of all colors.

As part of this, the organization’s leadership team is passionate about ensuring that Michigan Medicine is a leader in health equity. Everyone must be vocal about the fact that people of color in America remain negatively and disproportionately impacted by violence, limited access to quality health care and poor health outcomes. Then, we all must move to understand and eliminate these disparities. 

Michigan Medicine recently formed an Anti-Racism Oversight Committee that is working diligently with leadership, the White Coats for Black Lives chapter, as well as the Office for Health Equity & Inclusion and others, to ensure that this movement is not a moment in time but, instead, leads to actions and real and sustainable change. 

Leadership believe the words “Black Lives Matter” are consistent with an anti-racism community. Likewise, creating an anti-racism community is consistent with Michigan Medicine core values and is a health equity issue that will lead to improved access to quality care and reduced disparities for people of color. As such, faculty, staff and learners who wish to express their commitment to racial justice by wearing a lapel pin with only the words “Black Lives Matter” may do so while working in the clinical environment without violating our health system Dress & Appearance Policy.