July 5, 2020

Invitation to join the next COVID-19 Webinars

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Join the next IUIS-Frontiers live webinars on COVID-19 with Hans-Martin Jäck on July 6, and Adrian Hayday on July 13!

IUIS and Frontiers have collaborated on a series of weekly, expert commentaries and scientific webinars to accelerate the development of novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.

You can watch the previous webinars on-demand at iuis.org/webinars. Get insights from Rino Rappuoli, Giuseppe Ippolito, Eleanor Fish, Rachel Humphrey, Andreas Radbruch, Mihai Netea, Sharon Lewin, Katherine Kedzierska, Donna Farber, Lisa Ng, Eric Vivier and Salim Karim!

We look forward to seeing you at our next live webinars!