June 15, 2021

Congrats to Immunology Students on their Outstanding Service!

Congratulations to the awardees of the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards: Mike Haggadone (Peters-Golden Lab) and Eli Olson (Raghavan Lab), Outstanding Graduate Service Awards: Emily Yarosz (Chang Lab) and Gabby Huizinga (B. Moore & Singer Labs), and Outstanding Graduate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards: Francisco Gomez-Rivera (Collins Lab), Luis Correa (Carty Lab), and Alex Ethridge (Lukacs & Huffnagle Labs)

The Immunology Program is establishing awards to honor students who have made important contributions to the Immunology Program, the University of Michigan or the local community in the areas of teaching, service, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives (DEI). All current Immunology graduate students are invited to submit statements of contributions, which will be used for selection of recipients of program awards in the following areas:

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Recognizes Immunology graduate students who have demonstrated dedication to teaching of coursework, tutoring, mentoring of undergraduate or graduate students in research (e.g. within the lab) including via the UROP, PREP and SROP programs, organizing of courses, participating in programs that promote pedagogy (e.g. DFB, POISE) or other activities related to teaching and mentoring. 

Outstanding Graduate Service Award

Recognizes Immunology graduate students who have advanced the interests of fellow graduate students, improved their quality of life on campus and/or contributed to the larger academic community. Examples of service commitment can include but are not limited to: evidence of leadership in university, program or graduate student committees; leadership in student organizations or activities supporting current graduate student interests on campus or in the community; support of current graduate student interests on campus or in the community; development and/or activity with service programs; service with local or national organizations representing graduate students; service with local or national organizations advancing graduate student interests.

Outstanding Graduate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

Recognizes Immunology graduate students who have achieved significant impact within the graduate community by advancing diversity, equity, access, and inclusion initiatives.

Recipients of this award further the mission: to advance efforts to make graduate education more accessible to scholars from marginalized communities and backgrounds historically underrepresented; to engage graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and other partners in creating a more inclusive campus environment that supports the academic and social sense of belonging of all graduate students; to provide collaborative professional, academic, and community development opportunities that facilitate the progress and achievement of all graduate students, but especially those from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Students should write a personal statement (1-2 pages total) of all contributions to one or two of the above areas, since the time of joining PIBS, and how these contributions relate to each student’s personal and professional goals. The statement should be emailed to Zarinah Aquil (zaquil@umich.edu).

Review of the statements will be conducted by the Immunology Program's Graduate Student Affairs Committee and awardees will be announced at the Immunology Retreat on June 10. 

Deadline to Submit Statements: Tuesday, June 1.