November 19, 2021

Dr. Blake Heath's research published in OncoImmunology

Dr. Heath's work examines the dichotomous role of type-I interferons in the tumor microenvironment.

Immunology program alumni Dr. Blake Heath published a co-first author clinical research article in OncoImmunology examining the dichotomous role of type-I interferons in the tumor microenvironment. While type-I interferons can reprogram myeloid cells for beneficial anti-tumor immune response, cancer-specific type-I interferon downstream signaling engagement promotes cancer stemness and the release of exosomes containing high levels of checkpoint receptor ligands. Cancer-specific type-I interferon signaling is correlated with worse patient outcomes. Dr. Heath's article, titled "Cancer-specific type-I interferon receptor signaling promotes cancer stemness and effector CD8+ T-cell exhaustion", is available here: