Nicholas Armas

Immunology Program Graduate Student Pre-Candidate


Nicholas received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a minor in History from the University of Arizona in 2022. While at Arizona, Nicholas studied the impacts of human cytomegalovirus infection on the host lipid metabolism in the lab of Dr. John G. Purdy. He is currently pursuing graduate education with an interest in foundational Immunology.

Research Interests

Techniques Used


Armas N, Xi Y, and Purdy JG. HCMV and the Host Lipid Metabolism: A New Perspective. University of Arizona UROC Summer Colloquia, August 2021.

Armas N, Xi Y, and Purdy JG. Fatty Acid Elongase 5 in Conversation with Human Cytomegalovirus. University of California at Los Angeles National McNair Conference, July 2021.



Coming Soon.

Hobbies and Extracurricular Interests

Outside of the lab, Nicholas enjoys the simple pleasures of life: reading a captivating novel, journaling, listening to his records, and brewing a warm cup of tea. He also enjoys card games, the Olympics, and the Arizona Diamondbacks.