Administration of the Graduate Program in Immunology is led by the acting director, associate director, and program administrator, in consultation with the Immunology Graduate Student Affairs Committee (GSAC) and the T32 Executive Committee. The program also relies on the service and counsel of various student committees.

Program Administrator

Molly Bannow headshot

Molly oversees the maintenance of student records (academic progress and compliance), processes student financial aid, and is a resource to Immunology students in navigating their degree. She plans many of the program's academic and social events, supports faculty DEI efforts, and plans the program's recruitment activities. She also manages course administration and scheduling for IMM courses, performs travel planning for external speaker visits, communicates news and events to the Immunology community via announcements and website updates,  and conducts surveys for feedback.

Acting Director

In her capacity as acting director, Dr. Raghavan oversees most aspects of Immunology students' academic experience, leads the development of policies and resources, and acts as liaison between the program and its partnering units, including PIBS, OGPS, and Rackham Graduate School. These contributions include overseeing admission and recruitment activities, directing the weekly Immunology 815 seminar and monthly short course series, administering the preliminary exam process, updating program academic policies, and fielding questions from students. She also acts as a resource in program conflict resolution efforts, seeks feedback from students and faculty, plans the program's annual retreat and DEI activities, and recruits and appoints new faculty to the program

In addition, Dr. Raghavan provides direct support to Immunology students through student advising including coursework and rotation choices, recommendation letters, and program letters.

Associate Director

Kanakadurga Singer, MD

As associate director, Dr. Singer directs the Immunology Program Journal Club and oversees the coordination of various community building, peer mentoring, and alumni engagement activities. She leads the application and renewal effort of the program's Faculty Ally Grant, which funds many of these opportunities. She also provides direct student support through advising of a subset of students and the writing of recommendation letters. 

Graduate Student Affairs Committee

The foremost role of the Immunology Graduate Student Affairs Committee (GSAC) is the review of program applications and admissions. The committee also serves to advise students, address student concerns, approve thesis committee selections, and resolve issues concerning the Program’s curriculum.