Qingyang Liu

Qingyang Liu, MSc

Immunology Program Graduate Student Candidate


I graduated from China with B.S in biotechnology and Master degree from Purdue in biomedical science. I was working on gut microbiology and immunology.

Research Interests

working on innate immune cell development, function, death and migration


low cytometry, confocal, cell culture, DNA/RNA manipulation; RTPCR; SDS-PAGE; ELISA; Ion-exchange chromatography, FACS/MACS-sort


  • First class scholarship of the school (Hunan Agricultural University) 2012
  • Provincial First Prize in Natural Science and Technology College of extra-curricular academic competition works- Challenge Cup (National) 2013
  • Alumni Scholarship (Hunan Agricultural university) 2014
  • Ross Fellowships (Purdue university) 2016