Weiping Zou

Weiping Zou, M.D., Ph.D.

Charles B. de Nancrede Professor; Professor of Pathology, Immunology, Biology, and Surgery
Director, Center of Excellence for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
Co-Director, Cancer Hematopoiesis and Immunology Program
Director, Translational Research, Department of Surgery
Director, University of Michigan Surgical Oncology Research Training Program
Co-Director, Immunologic Monitoring Core


Weiping Zou is a scientist noted for his work regarding understanding the nature of human tumor immune responses and developing mechanism-informed combination therapies for cancer. He has developed an international reputation in human tumor immunosuppressive mechanisms in the tumor microenvironment.

Research Interests

Immune cell subsets (T cells and APCs) in tumors, B7 and SLC family members in tumors, immune metabolism in tumors, epigenetic (PRC2, SWI/SNF) mechanisms in tumor immunity, cross-talk between tumor (stem) cells and host immune cells, the translational aspects of novel immune-based interventions in patients with cancer.