Department of Internal Medicine Annual Awards Dinner

Each June, the Department of Internal Medicine holds it annual awards dinner. The celebration honors outstanding achievements by Internal Medicine faculty and residents during the past year.   

Chair's Awards

Paul De Kruif Lifetime Achievement Award

Paul De Kruif, PhD

The Paul De Kruif Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2002. This award is named for Paul De Kruif, PhD (1890-1971), who studied bacteriology at the University of Michigan beginning with his BS in 1912 and PhD in 1916. In 1926, Dr. De Kruif published one of the best-selling and most widely read science books of all time, Microbe Hunters, credited with inspiring an entire generation of biological scientists to take up careers in research. The book describes the work of Leeuwenhoek, Spallanzani, Pasteur, Koch, and others, has been translated into 18 languages, and was the first book with a totally scientific theme to sell over a million copies. The purpose of this award is to recognize lifetime achievement in the service of the academic missions of the Department of Internal Medicine.

  • 2022, Suzanne Bradley, MD; Brent Williams, MD
  • 2021, Ronald Koenig, MD, PhD
  • 2020, James Woolliscroft, MD
  • 2019, Laurence McMahon, Jr, MD, MPH
  • 2018, Grace Elta, MD
  • 2017, David Fox, MD
  • 2016, Chung Owyang, MD
  • 2015, Carol Kauffman, MD
  • 2014, Richard Moseley, MD
  • 2013, Timothy Nostrant, MD
  • 2012, Jeffrey Halter, MD
  • 2011, Galen B. Toews, MD
  • 2010, Bertram Pitt, MD
  • 2009, Keith S. Henley, MD
  • 2008, Giles G. Bole, Jr., MD
  • 2007, Stevo Julius, MD, ScD
  • 2007, John G. Weg, MD
  • 2006, Jeoffrey K. Stross, MD
  • 2005, Roger J. Grekin, MD
  • 2004, Richard D. Judge, MD
  • 2004, Roger C. Wiggins, MB, B.Chir.
  • 2003, Stefan S, Fajans, MD
  • 2003, F. Robert Fekety, Jr., MD 

Chairs’ Award for Outstanding Service to the Department

The Chairs' Award for Outstanding Service to the Department of Internal Medicine was first awarded in 1996. This award recognizes a person in the Department who has given significant contributions to the Department that enhances its missions, raises the profile of the Department, and is highly collaborative across the Department.

  • 2022, Bethany Moore, PhD; Linda Terrell, MD
  • 2021, John Del Valle, MD; Carol Kauffman, MD
  • 2020, Benjamin Margolis, MD; Richard Simon, MD
  • 2019, Raymond Yung, MB, ChB
  • 2018, Robert Ernst, MD
  • 2018, Eric Young, MD
  • 2017, Powel Kazanjian, MD, PhD
  • 2017, Anna Lok, MD
  • 2016, Frank Brosius III, MD
  • 2015, Masada Habhab
  • 2014, Theodore Standiford, MD
  • 2013, David Pinsky, MD
  • 2012, David Fox, MD
  • 2011, Kathleen A. Cooney, MD
  • 2010, Chung Owyang, MD
  • 2009, Gilbert S. Omenn, MD, PhD
  • 2008, Lindsay J. Graham
  • 2007, Richard H. Moseley, MD
  • 2006, Timothy J. Laing, MD
  • 2005, Cyril M. Grum, MD
  • 2004, John Del Valle, MD
  • 2003, Kim A. Eagle, MD
  • 2003, James A. Shayman, MD
  • 2002, Lindsay J. Graham
  • 2001, Laurence F. McMahon, Jr., MD, MPH
  • 1999, Kemp B. Cease, MD
  • 1999, Galen B. Toews, MD
  • 1998, Richard H. Simon, MD
  • 1998, Robert F. Todd III, MD, PhD
  • 1997, Giles G. Bole, MD
  • 1997, Roger J. Grekin, MD
  • 1996, Joseph C. Kolars, MD

Chair's Award For Impact

Dr. John Carethers introduced the Department of Internal Medicine Impact Award in 2015. The idea for this award is the Chair’s Office to recognize a person or persons (faculty or staff) who have performed a function for the Department of Internal Medicine over the preceding one-two years that has or will lead to a significant and lasting impact for any of the tripartite missions for the Department. The function generally will cross more than one divisional discipline within the Department and/or has a positive effect that not only benefits the Department of Internal Medicine, but also may extend to other departments or the institution as a whole.

  • 2022, Crystal Holmes, DPM and the Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Podiatry Section
  • 2021, Nijuanna Irby-Johnson, MD, MBA; Grace Jenq, MD
  • 2020, Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc; Sarah Hartley, MD; Powel Kazanjian, MD, PhD; Adam Lauring, MD, PhD; Jakob McSparron, MD; Vikas Parekh, MD; Marisa Rodriguez, MPH; Richard J. Schildhouse, MD; Theodore Standiford, MD; Laraine Washer, MD
  • 2019, Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD
  • 2018, Michelle Anderson, MD
  • 2018, Scott Flanders, MD
  • 2017, Rafina Khateeb, MD
  • 2016, Denege Ward, MD
  • 2015, Karen Hall, MD
  • 2015, Jennifer Wyckoff, MD


Research Awards

Jerome W. Conn Award for Excellence in Research by a Junior Faculty Member 

Jerome W. Conn, MD

This award honors the memory and research prowess of Jerome W. Conn, MD (1907-1994), who spent his entire professional career at the University of Michigan, and whom is known for the first description of primary hyperaldosteronism in a patient with the surgical finding of a 4-centimeter adrenal gland tumor in 1954. This later became known as Conn syndrome. Dr. Conn graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School, did his residency in internal medicine at Michigan, performed extensive research into glucose and other metabolic regulation within the body, and was the Chief of the Division of Endocrinology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Conn published 284 research articles, and his pioneering observations led to Michigan being the premier place in the world for the diagnosis and treatment of adrenal disease. This award recognizes a junior faculty member of the Department for their developing body of research and research trajectory, their developing independence, and research excellence.

  • 2022, Salim Hayek, MD; Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc
  • 2021, Elliot Tapper, MD; Adina Turcu, MD, MS
  • 2020, Robert Dickson, MD
  • 2019, Jason Knight, MD, PhD
  • 2018, Michelle Kahlenberg, MD, PhD
  • 2017, Megan Haymart, MD
  • 2016, Vineet Chopra, MD
  • 2015, Grace Chen, PhD, MD
  • 2014, Liz Speliotes, MD, PhD
  • 2013, Jack Iwashyna, MD
  • 2012, Subramaniam Pennathur, MD
  • 2011, Thomas Duen-Shyr Wang, MD, PhD
  • 2010, Vincent B. Young, MD, PhD
  • 2009, David J. Miller, MD, PhD
  • 2008, Pavan R. Reddy, MD
  • 2007, Mariana Kaplan, MD
  • 2006, Martin G. Myers, MD, PhD
  • 2005, Gary D. Hammer, MD, PhD
  • 2004, Theodora S. Ross, MD, PhD
  • 2003, Daniel T. Eitzman, MD
  • 2002, Stephen B. Gruber, MD, PhD
  • 2001, Thomas M. Glaser, MD, PhD
  • 2000, Kathleen A. Cooney, MD
  • 1999, Leslie J. Crofford, MD
  • 1998, Juanita L. Merchant, MD
  • 1997, Steven J. Katz, MD
  • 1997, Blake J. Roessler, MD
  • 1996, Margaret R. Gyetko, MD
  • 1995, Theodore J. Standiford, MD
  • 1994, John W. Wiley, MD
  • 1993, Laurence A. Turka, MD
  • 1992, Peter G. Traber, MD
  • 1991, James W. Wilson, MD, PhD
  • 1990, Stephen G. Emerson, MD
  • 1989, Craig B. Thompson, MD
  • 1988, David Ginsburg, MD
  • 1987, Richard L. Wahl, MD
  • 1986, Francis S. Collins, MD
  • 1985, G.B. John Mancini, MD
  • 1984, Joel M. Weinberg, MD
  • 1984, Roger C. Wiggins, MB, B. Chir
  • 1983, Max S. Wicha, MD
  • 1982, Stephen J. Weiss, MD
  • 1981, H. David Humes, MD
  • 1980, David Dantzker, MD
  • 1979, Beverly S. Mitchell, MD
  • 1978, Jorge J. Gumucio, MD 


Teaching Awards

John G. Frohna Outstanding Teaching in Medicine-Pediatrics Award

John G. Frohna, MD, MPH, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Medical School and received his Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan. He did his combined residency at the U-M and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. He was also a pediatric chief resident at the University of Michigan. His interests include medical education, evidence-based medicine, and managed care.

  • 2022, Lindsay Quade, MD
  • 2021, Jean Carstensen, MD
  • 2020, Bassel Atasi, MD; Linda Balogh, MD; Greta Branford, MD; Jean Carstensen, MD; Mark Hakim, MD; Amy Hepper, MD; Elizabeth Jahns, MD; Jason Kahn, MD; Kristen Krieger, MD; Thuy LeDesai, MD; Jennifer Meddings, MD; Rebecca Northway, MD; Kimberly O’Donnell, MD; Lindsay (Jacklyn) Quade, MD; Sara Platte, MD
  • 2019, Thuy LeDesai, MD
  • 2016, Rebecca Northway, MD

H. Marvin Pollard Award for Outstanding Teaching of Residents

H. Marvin Pollard, MD

Born in Lamar, Colorado, Dr. Pollard received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan in 1931. Dr. Pollard joined the U-M as an instructor in 1933 and rose through the academic ranks to become a full professor in 1951. He headed the section of gastroenterology from 1940 to 1972 and was named emeritus professor in 1971. Dr. Pollard initiated the Section of Gastroenterology in 1940 and remained as its Head until 1972. At the same time, he conducted a substantial private practice and played a leading role in many aspects of organizational medicine. In 1956, a University of Michigan research team headed by Dr. Pollard invented the fiberoptic gastroscope. The device became the prototype of the instrument now universally used in gastrointestinal diagnostic procedures.

Dr. Pollard was Secretary of the World Congress of Gastroenterology in 1958 and successively presided over what was then the American Gastroscopic Society, The American Gastroenterological Association, The American College of Physicians, The American Cancer Society, and the World Organization of Gastroenterology. Until his death, he continued to serve the Department of Internal Medicine as a special consultant and participated vigorously in its activities.

  • 2020, Jakob McSparron, MD
  • 2019, Ivan Co, MD
  • 2018, Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc
  • 2017, Robert Dickson, MD
  • 2015, Sarah Hartley, MD
  • 2014, Paul Fine, MD

Special Recognition for Contributions to the House Officer Teaching Program

  • 2022, Jennifer Lukela, MD
  • 2021, All 2020-2021 Internal Medicine Faculty
  • 2020, Sarah Hartley, MD
  • 2019, Namita Sachdev, MD
  • 2018, Robert Dickson, MD
  • 2017, Subramaniam Pennathur, MD
  • 2016, Hitinder Gurm, MD
  • 2015, Vikas Parekh, MD
  • 2014, Cara McDonagh, MD
  • 2014, Anna Booher, MD
  • 2013, Hari Conjeevaram, MD
  • 2012, Avinash Prabhakar, MD
  • 2011, Davoren A. Chick, MD
  • 2011, Daniel R. Kaul, MD
  • 2010, Grace Li-Chun Su, MD
  • 2009, Brent C. Williams, MD, MPH
  • 2008, Martha L. Buckley, MD
  • 2007, Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, MD
  • 2006, Sanjay K. Saint, MD, MPH
  • 2005, Debaroti Borschel, MD
  • 2004, Kim A. Eagle, MD
  • 2003, Marc E. Lippman, MD
  • 2002, Kym Orsetti, MD
  • 2001, Robert D. Ernst, MD
  • 2000, H. David Humes, MD
  • 1999, Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD
  • 1998, Richard H. Moseley, MD
  • 1998, Theodore J. Standiford, MD
  • 1997, Robert W. Lash, MD
  • 1996, Grace H. Elta, MD
  • 1995, Brent C. Williams, MD
  • 1994, Jeoffrey K. Stross, MD
  • 1993, Rodney A. Hayward, MD
  • 1992, John E. Billi, MD

Special Recognition for Contributions to the Medical Student Teaching Program

  • 2022, Hari Conjeevaram, MD
  • 2021, Carol Chenoweth, MD, MS
  • 2020, Lauren Heidemann, MD
  • 2019, Allison Ruff, MD
  • 2018, Nathan Houchens, MD

Richard D. Judge Award - Medical Student Teaching

Richard D. Judge, MD

Dr. Richard D. Judge, renowned cardiologist and pioneer in the development of the pacemaker, began his career at the University of Michigan Medical School in 1951. As a mentor to countless aspiring physicians, he set the standards for cardiovascular patient care.

  • 2022, Lauren Heidemann, MD
  • 2021, Yeong Seok Kwok, MD
  • 2020, Nathan Houchens, MD
  • 2019, Dale Bixby, MD, PhD
  • 2018, Andrew Tai, MD, PhD
  • 2017, Sarah Hartley, MD
  • 2016, Yeong S. Kwok, MD
  • 2015, Eleanor Sun, MD
  • 2014, Vladimir Ognenovski, MD
  • 2013, Andrew Odden, MD
  • 2012, Sarah Hartley, MD
  • 2011, Seetha U. Monrad, MD
  • 2010, Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, MD
  • 2009, Brent C. Williams, MD, MPH
  • 2008, Liselle Douyon, MD
  • 2007, N. Cary Engleberg, MD
  • 2006, Rebecca W. Van Dyke, MD
  • 2005, Robert G. Sitrin, MD
  • 2004, Arthur W. Tai, MD
  • 2004, Peter Hagan, MD
  • 2003, Elisa A. Ostafin, MD
  • 2002, Thomas H. Sisson, MD
  • 2002, Danielle Kim Turgeon, MD
  • 2001, Robert D. Ernst, MD
  • 2001, Sean K. Kesterson, MD
  • 1999, Paul L. Fine, MD
  • 1998, Richard D. Judge, MD
  • 1997, Mark A. McQuillan, MD
  • 1996, Clinton Lindo, MD
  • 1995, Robert A. Green, MD
  • 1994, Connie J. Standiford, MD
  • 1993, Martha L. Gray, MD
  • 1992, Kemp B. Cease, MD
  • 1992, Kenneth A. Jamerson, MD

Steven E. Gradwohl Excellence in Continuity General Internal Medicine Teaching Award

Steven E. Gradwohl, MD

Dr. Steven E. Gradwohl was a clinical assistant professor of internal medicine from 1994-2013. Known as a "physician's physician", he practiced general internal medicine at the Briarwood Medical Group and was devoted to high-quality patient care and training future physicians. A graduate of Carleton College and the University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Gradwohl had been named by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America several times. He was a U.S. Army veteran, having served on active duty while in medical residency at the Letterman Army Medical Center in San Francisco, and in medical leadership posts at Fort Lee in Virginia and the Presidio in San Francisco. He came to Michigan in 1994, attracted by the opportunity to take part in medical education in an outpatient setting.

"Being a primary care physician has been unbelievably rewarding for me. There are many other fields with higher pay, and perhaps shorter hours, but none that rivals being a patient's primary health care provider." - Dr. Steven Gradwohl, 2012

  • 2022, Nadeem Abou-Arraj, MD, MPH
  • 2020, Elizabeth Drake, MD
  • 2019, Linda Terrell, MD
  • 2018, Mariana De Michele, MD
  • 2017, Renuka Tipirneni, MD
  • 2016, Jennifer Lukela, MD
  • 2015, John Brinley, MD
  • 2014, Kristin Collier, MD


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards

Internal Medicine Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Established in 2022, the Department of Internal Medicine (DOIM) Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) recognizes faculty, staff, and teams within DOIM who have made meaningful contributions to advancing diversity, equity & inclusion within the department and Michigan Medicine community.

2022, I-MPACT (Integrated Michigan Patient-Centered Alliance in Care Transitions) Coordinating Center Team (Grace Jenq, MD; David Bozann, MD; Soumya Rangarajan, MD, MPP; Pam James, MS, April Harris, Karly Hendee, MSN, RN; Beth Jones, MSQM; Katie Moore, MPH; Nkiru Okammor, MS, RN; and Ganga Vijayasiri, PhD)


Administration Awards

Internal Medicine Award for Excellence in Administration

  • 2022, Kendra Brown
  • 2021, Carrie Brown
  • 2020, Dorothy Schroeder
  • 2019, Marisa Rodriguez
  • 2018, Eric Mullen
  • 2017, Johannes Postma
  • 2016, Jolena Nollar
  • 2015, Dawn Meyer
  • 2014, Stephanie Gatica
  • 2013, Mary Ernst Vallone
  • 2012, Julie Brabbs
  • 2011, Stephen P. Fetyko
  • 2010, Mary S. Freer
  • 2009, Cheryl L. Sweetland
  • 2008, Rick A. Bluhm
  • 2008, Tammy M. Ellies
  • 2007, Jeffery H. Holden
  • 2006, Donna L. Hall
  • 2005, Virginia A. Walter
  • 2004, Brian A. Donnellan
  • 2003, Masada Habhab
  • 2002, Leslie J. Harwood
  • 2002, Rod E. Hayhurst
  • 2001, Robert K. Keast
  • 2000, Carol A. Cottrell
  • 1999, Jill M. Smith
  • 1998, Christopher J. Durovich
  • 1997, Michelle Goff
  • 1996, Patty Barry
  • 1996, Rhonda Buck