Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

"Diversity and inclusion will improve even more quickly if we, as a culture, can come to grips with unconscious bias, and how it influences our admission and recruitment processes. There are currently efforts at the Medical School through my office and others to address this important issue directly and honestly." - Margaret R. Gyetko, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine and Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Faculty Development

In the fall of 2015, the University of Michigan embarked upon a renewed commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. A Diversity Network was created to recognize, respect, foster, and maximize the strengths and differences among its key constituents - patients/families, staff, faculty, house officers, students, and the community at large.  

Department of Internal Medicine Diversity Planning Co-Leads

U-M Department of Internal Medicine, Richard Simon, MD
Richard Simon, MD
U-M Department of Internal Medicine, Marisa Rodriguez, MPH
Marisa Rodriguez, MPH

As part of this initiative, the Department of Internal Medicine named Richard Simon, MD, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and Marisa Rodriguez, MPH, Administrator, Division of Hospital Medicine, as planning co-leads.
They work closely with Michigan Medicine's Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI), where they are committed to:

  • Improving the health and well-being of those underrepresented in healthcare through continuous quality improvement initiatives, health equity research, inclusion science, implementation science, outcomes research, and community-based participatory research.
  • Creating health equity and inclusion best practices for patient care and pipeline programs for learners, faculty, and staff.
  • Transforming healthcare by creating a climate and culture that promotes inclusion, cultural sensitivity, diversity, and health equity.
  • Recruiting and retention of a diverse community of leaders, faculty, staff, learners, and trainees.

Strategic Vision

Recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff.

Long-Term Strategic Priorities

  • Attract, recruit, and retain faculty to support the department.
  • Improve faculty and staff satisfaction.
  • Create a productive, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Education and Training Opportunites

Everyday Bias in Healthcare Training
One step towards creating a productive, inclusive, and welcoming environment is through 100% of our faculty, staff, and trainee's completion of the "Everyday Bias in Healthcare" training session. This training session is designed to examine how unconscious bias can affect one's perceptions, decisions, and interactions.

STRIDE Training
STRIDE (Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence) faculty recruitment workshops are offered for faculty members who play an important role in faculty recruitment efforts. These workshops are designed to provide them with background information and concrete advice about practices that make searches more successful in producing diverse candidate pools and hiring the candidates they want to attract.