The Bylaws of the John M. Sheldon University of Michigan Allergy Society.

Article I: Duties of Officers

The President shall preside at all meetings and serve as a spokesperson for the Society. He or she shall appoint committees not otherwise provided for and shall be Chairperson of the Council. In his or her absence, the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division Chief will assume the duties of the President. In the absence of both, the most senior Councilor present will assume the Chair.

Under the supervision of the Society President, the following duties will be fulfilled by the Administration of the University of Michigan (U-M) Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology:

  • Maintain all correspondence in the Society.
  • Maintain an active mailing list of all Members.
  • Each Member shall promptly inform the Administration of a change of address.
  • Submit the following information to be placed in the Annual Michigan Allergy Alumni Newsletter:
    • Slate of proposed officers for the coming year.
    • Annual reminder of dues.
    • Proposed special activities to be sponsored by the Society.
  • Report the financial status of the Society at the Annual Meeting.

The Councilors are expected to attend all Annual Meetings and each Council Member must notify the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division Administration if he/she is unable to attend.

Article II: Meetings

The John M. Sheldon University of Michigan Allergy Society Annual Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the Sheldon Dinner at the time of the Annual American Academy of Allergy and Immunology Meeting or in conjunction with the Annual Sheldon Society Course, held in Ann Arbor every three years. The duration of the meeting and the matters to be discussed will be decided in advance by the Council.

Other meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Council and Membership.

It is understood that due to the uniqueness of the organization, much of the Society business and elections must be carried on by correspondence utilizing email, telephone or written mail.

Article III: Dues

There will be no initiation fee. Annual dues will be assessed and are to be paid to the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division Administration. A reminder for payment of dues will accompany the Annual Newsletter. Honorary and Emeritus members are exempt from paying dues.

The President and/or the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division Chief are empowered to authorize expenditure of these funds for expenses incurred by the Society.

Treasury funds of the Society are to be deposited in a University of Michigan account.

Article IV: Educational Programs

At the discretion of the Council and with 3/4 approval of the Membership, any surplus funds may be diverted to the endowment being established by the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division to support the training of a fellow.

Article V: Membership Certificate

There will be a Certificate available to each Member.

Article VI: Changes in Constitution and Bylaws

Portions of the Constitution or Bylaws may be amended or repealed only upon vote of the Members of the Society. Proposals for changes should be submitted to the Council and in turn to the Membership. After presentation to the Members, the suggested alteration will not be voted upon the following year. An affirmative date of 3/4 of the ballots cast within three (3) weeks of mailing will be required.

All matters not specifically covered in the Constitution or Bylaws are to be presented to the Council for consideration, recommendation or action.