Our faculty member's areas of research are broad and include common allergic conditions, asthma, urticaria, autoimmunity and biotechnology, aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease, carmine allergy, atopic dermatitis, chronic sinusitis, and asthma outcomes. 

Several of our faculty conduct research at the University of Michigan Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center, where James R. Baker, Jr., MD, is the director. The Center's research is aimed at generating novel findings through basic and translational research that will provide future solutions for those with food allergies and can help lead to a cure for this condition.

We are a FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Clinical Network Center of Excellence, which is a nationwide network of leading research and clinical care facilities with a common goal of ensuring that patients with food allergies have access to state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatments, and research. 

Research Highlights

Breathing Exercises in Older Adults with Asthma: A Blinded, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Alan Baptist, MD, MPH evaluates the effectiveness of a short multi-component exercise program for older adults with asthma.

Bone Marrow Disorder Nearly 10 Times More Common in Those with Venom Allergy

Charles Schuler, MD and Cem Akin, MD, PhD lead team to find that people with venom allergies are much more likely to suffer mastocytosis, a bone marrow disorder that causes higher risk of fatal reactions.

Rapid Antibody COVID-19 Tests Found to Be Effective Tools

Charles Schuler, MD, James Baldwin, MD, James Baker, MD & colleagues find that antibody testing, even rapid screening methods like finger pricks, can be effective testing tools & can predict a prior COVID19 infection.

Current Clinical Trials

Faculty Publications