A Message From Our Chief

David Pinsky
David J. Pinsky, MD

"We hope to make a difference in the quality of life of Michigan residents using the expert medical teams and dedicated researchers who work here in Ann Arbor and in the communities we serve." - Dr. David J. Pinsky


As chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, I am proud to tell you about what we are doing and how we are changing the future of cardiovascular care. Since I joined the University of Michigan in 2003, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the brightest and best cardiologists medicine has to offer. We are able to work hand-in-hand, using the best technology and support from the U-M's immense research infrastructure to change the way cardiovascular medicine is delivered.  

Our physicians treat thousands of patients each year. They offer expert care in the areas of coronary, structural, valve, aortic, arrhythmia, heart failure, vascular, venous, peripheral arterial, and inherited heart diseases. In addition, we offer cardiovascular imaging and genetic counseling and testing services as well as hypertension and stroke programs.

A fundamental component of our mission is research. We aim to advance the understanding of and interventions for preventing heart disease - still the leading cause of death for men and women. We lead multi-institutional collaborations with other agencies and institutions to speed up the rate of discovery.  We recruit and retain leading researchers whose collaborative endeavors are far reaching.

The strengths of our basic and translational research initiatives include arrhythmia, cardiac myocyte biology, cardiovascular biomechanics, and tissue and cell regeneration. In clinical research, we focus in the areas of acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, cardiac imaging, heart failure and LVAD, pulmonary hypertension, stroke, and thrombosis and DVT. Our Heart Vessel Blood Clinical Trials Support Unit (HVB-CTSU) enhances performance of cardiovascular, coagulation and nonmalignant hematologic clinical trials across the lifespan, including industry-sponsored, federally-sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials of acute or chronic disease.

Finally, our commitment to education is evident by our strong fellowship programs. We train over 45 fellows each year. In addition, we educate medical students, patients and family members, and community physicians throughout the year.   

We measure our success by the difference we can make in the lives of our patients. Through collaborative patient care, cutting-edge research, and our strong desire to advance the knowledge of current and future healthcare professionals, we have become a destination for excellence in cardiovascular care in Michigan and beyond.  


David J. Pinsky, MD
J. Griswold Ruth MD and Margery Hopkins Ruth Professor of Internal Medicine
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Scientific Director, University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center