Molecular Biology Core

Jun Hee Lee, PhD | Linda Samuelson, PhD - Co-Directors

The overarching objectives of the UMCGR Molecular Biology Core are to facilitate access to and advance development of molecular genetic tools to study gastrointestinal biology and disease.

The core is directed by Drs. Linda Samuelson and Jun Hee Lee, two experienced and established investigators with extensive expertise in the services provided by the core.


  • To execute state-of-the-art gene editing, gene transfer and single cell gene profiling techniques in line with evolving member research needs.
  • To support highly trained personnel in the application of genetic technology, organized around three Core Programs: Single Cell, Transgenic Rodent, and Viral Vector.
  • To ensure delivery of high-quality services and products and provide technical oversight of all Molecular Core services.
  • To train and educate members, associate members, and pilot feasibility recipients in applying and using molecular techniques to study digestive and liver diseases.

Service Programs

The Molecular Biology Core offers access to three programs:

Single-Cell Genomics Program 

Allows members to access customized transcriptomic and genomic platforms. Services include both in-house (e.g. Drop-Seq, Seq-Well and Seq-Scope) and commercial (e.g. 10X Genomics and Nanostring) technologies.

Transgenic Rodent Program

Offers member access to CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing via oviductal nucleic acid delivery or “iGONAD” genome editing.

Viral Vector Program

This program has been updated to reflect refinements of vector technologies and new featured services, including AAV Virus and CRISPR/Cas9 vectors, which can allow for viral vector-based in vivo genetic modulations.