The Image Analysis component of the PLIF Core maintains its own recharge system where the income is used to cover part of the salary of the morphology technician Mr. Nelson. Work for non-Center members is only done on a time-available basis and at a 50% higher amount for technician time (since the Core provides 50% of the technician, Mr. Nelson’s, salary).

  • Cryostat Usage - $4/hr., cryostat instruction – free
  • Immunohistochemistry Pilot - free; member provides primary antibody
  • Immunohistochemistry Service - $30/hr. 
  • EM Fixation and Resin Embedding - $200 first sample, $20 for additional
  • Cryosectioning, Thin Sectioning, EM Analysis and Other Technical Work - $30/hr. 
  • Live Cell Imaging - consultation free; microscope time at usual rate
  • Other work is carried out using instruments in Cores maintained by the Medical School or its Departments and Centers. Their current fee rates (not a complete list) - GI Center users can be approved for up to $500 of these recharges billed directly to the GI Center
  • Olympus Fluoview 500 Confocal Microscope - $27/hr. MIL; $30/hr. MIAC
  • Nikon A1 Confocal with perfect focus and environmental control - $30/hr. MIAC
  • Zeiss LSM-510 Confocal - $43/hr. MIL
  • Leica TCS SP5 - $30/hr. MIAC
  • Leica SP5 Inverted multiphoton with FLIM - $30/hr. MIL
  • JEOL 1400-plus TEM - $24/hr. MIL
  • Olympus BX-51 A Photomicroscope - $12/hr. MIL
  • Computer Imaging Workstations - $8/hr. MIL; $7.50/hr. MIAC
  • Ultramicrotome - $5/hr. MIL
  • Laser Caption Microdissection - $5/hr.; $125 Training
  • Slide Scanner - $10/hr.


The Proteomic facilities are available at a highly subsidized rate as they do not include instrument service contract costs. GI Center members can be approved for up to $1,000 of these recharges (annually) billed directly to the GI Center. 

  • Simple Protein Identification - $158
    Includes digestion, 90 min LC-MS/MS analysis and Database search
  • Relative Quantitation (e.g. TMT-based) - $501
    Includes digestion, TMT-labeling, 90 min LC-MS/MS analysis and Database search
  • Phospho-Enrichment Analysis - $501
    Includes digestion, phospho-peptide enrichment, 90 min LC-MS/MS analysis and Database search
Add-On Services
  • Extended Gradient - $94
    3 h LC-MS/MS analysis
  • 2D-LC - $106
    Fractionation followed by 90 min LC-MS/MS analysis (per fraction)


The Protein Folding Diseases Initiative Resources, several services are available. The technician who is supported by the PFD initiative is contacted directly by phone or email. Antibody aliquots or tissues are typically provided within two business days of making the request. If a particular antibody on the list is not available, the technician will order it from the vendor (with express shipping) and inform the investigator when it arrives. No more than one aliquot per antibody is provided to any given investigator. The PFD has not had to set limits on how many antibodies can be tested by a given investigator, but limits (e.g., no more than five per month per investigator) may be set if warranted. The antibodies are purchased by the PFD Initiative.

  • Antibody Library - NO CHARGE
    85 antibodies to ER stress, and other protein folding related pathways. An aliquot (typically 20 µL or ~20 µg, depending on antibody, is provided)
  • Mouse Tissue Library - NO CHARGE
    GI and non-GI tissues from several commonly used mouse strains are available (typically 0.1-1.0 gram, stored in an ultrafreezer, and in some cases embedded fresh frozen tissues are available for immune staining)
  • Genetic Mouse Models - NO CHARGE
    Breeding pairs are provided
  • Pilot Program - not applicable
    Pilot grants (up to $50,000) for collaborative projects between PFD and UMGRC investigators