About Us

Division of General Medicine Faculty Members

Faculty members in the Division of General Medicine possess extensive expertise in a broad range of areas in patient care, research, and education and training.

Focusing on Patient Care

As the primary care doctors for adults, General Medicine physicians have the privilege of knowing patients for years, getting to know their families, and helping to keep them well. We also help patients navigate the pool of expertise at Michigan Medicine should their condition warrant subspecialty services. We are single-minded in providing the best patient care possible and promoting more equitable and effective care for our communities. Visit Michigan Medicine’s Population Health Office (whose aim is to improve the experience of receiving and delivering care, improving the health of populations, and lowering the cost of care), where two of our faculty members serve as directors.

Investigating the Big Picture

Our ground-breaking research tends not to focus on a particular disease or organ, but instead addresses the whole person and how they interact with the broader health system. Our researchers’ interests are many and wide-ranging, all with the goal of improving primary care, preventative measures, and treatment services for patients. Their investigative interests include healthcare quality and safety, ethics, delivery of healthcare, medical education, healthcare outcomes, cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, care of the disadvantaged and other vulnerable populations, history of medicine, and special issues in the care of patients with multiple diseases.

Teaching the Next Generation

Every generation of physicians has an obligation to pass on their wisdom and insight to the next generation. Our General Medicine faculty are no exception. We are considered among the most talented teachers at the University of Michigan and have been consistently honored for our work in this area by both the Medical School and the Department of Internal Medicine. View our Awards and Recognition.