A Message From Our Chief

"Everyone is touched by the work of General Medicine physicians in one way or another. Support for the efforts of this far-reaching field, caring for patients, teaching the next generation, and creating new knowledge will have significant impact on many lives for years to come." - Laurence F. McMahon, Jr., MD, MPH

Laurence McMahon, Jr., MD, MPH
Laurence F. McMahon, Jr., MD, MPH

Welcome to the Division of General Medicine at Michigan Medicine. Our over 140 faculty are members of a unique medical specialty that focuses on the care of adults. General Medicine physicians approach adults in a holistic way, recognizing the importance of preventing disease as well as managing diseases as they occur, and perhaps most importantly, how to effectively treat patients who develop multiple medical problems through their life's journey. General Internists are also specially qualified to assist patients, as well as their subspecialist physicians, to manage conditions and treatments that often interact in ways that single specialty providers are less familiar.

At Michigan Medicine, many of our General Internists focus on the care of ambulatory adults, and have expertise in preventive care as well as chronic care management. We often are the first to help patients identify the importance of a symptom and its link to an associated disease. Importantly, as patients age and develop multiple diseases, General Internists provide critical first insight into emerging medical conditions and are uniquely trained to work with patients to coordinate their care, to understand both the interactions of multiple diseases as well as their treatments. A key skill for General Internists is to work with patients, their families, and subspecialist physicians to understand the physical, emotional, social components and challenges of diseases and their treatments.

Many of our physicians have undergone additional training to be able to treat pediatric patients in addition to the adult patient population. These Med-Peds physicians often assume the medical care for entire families, and are able to transition healthcare responsibilities from childhood to adult issues.

The ability of General Internists to partner with patients along their life's journey, working to help them remain healthy, to diagnose them when symptoms develop, to treat them for their conditions, to identify when and which subspecialist might be helpful in optimizing their care, and to assist patients and subspecialists in managing chronic conditions, often simultaneously, is a unique and increasingly viable expertise. We welcome you to our care, and are proud to bring our unique skill set to assist in the management of your medical needs.


Laurence F. McMahon, Jr., MD, MPH
Chief, Division of General Medicine