Academic Primary Care Program

U-M 3rd Annual Steven Gradwohl Art of Primary Care Clinical Innovations Event
U-M Division of General Medicine Primary Care Faculty

“Delivering a superior patient experience is the overarching theme we are so proud of in Academic Primary Care. Our team focuses on taking the time to really listen to and understand our patients, and building strong patient-doctor relationships.” 
- Robert Ernst, MD, Assistant Chair, Academic Primary Care Program; Senior Associate Chief, Ambulatory Care Program

Michigan Medicine's Primary Care network serves Ann Arbor and surrounding communities, and is poised to expand. Our Primary Care physicians provide the highest quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care and population management, from preventive services to complex care management. Our network of General Internal Medicine and combined Medicine-Pediatrics physicians also serve as physician educators consistent with the education and research missions of the University. U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Michigan Medical School's Primary Care program #5 nationally. The practice of Primary Care is at the core of Internal Medicine, and provides meaningful, lifelong relationships with patients who identify and trust their physician to guide them through their many health care challenges.

Our clinical practice currently spans across nine locations and is supported by the University of Michigan Ambulatory Care Services team of outstanding nurses and clinical administrative staff. In partnership, this team is committed to exceed the very high expectations of the people we serve and to emphasize the importance of offering a stellar patient experience. When individuals select the University of Michigan for their personal health care, they expect the leaders and best. For many, Primary Care is the initial entry into Michigan Medicine and offers an opportunity for our physicians to connect with a broad internal referral network of outstanding U-M colleagues engaged in a diverse mission of clinical care, research, and education. 


The University of Michigan Academic Primary Care Program is dedicated to serving our local communities by providing the highest quality cost-effective patient-centered care and population management, from preventive services to complex care coordination; and supporting and serving the education and research mission of the University of Michigan.

Academic Primary Care Program Leadership

U-M Division of General Medicine, Dr. Robert Ernst
Robert Ernst, MD

Robert Damien Ernst, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Senior Associate Chief, Ambulatory Care Program
Assistant Chair, Academic Primary Care Program


Linda Marie Balogh, MD, Med-Peds Clinic Lead, Canton Health Center
Greta Loren Branford, MD, IT Physician Lead
Floyd John Brinley III, MD, Medical Director, Canton Health Center
Dale Michelle Mazer, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Saline Health Center
Mark William Ealovega, MD, Medical Director, Brighton Health Center 
Audrey L. Fan, MD, Medical Director, Northville Health Center
Kristen Arlene Krieger, MD, Med-Peds Clinic Lead, East Ann Arbor Health Center
Yeong Seok Kwok, MD, Clinic Lead, East Ann Arbor Health Center
Elisa Anne Ostafin, MD, Medical Director, West Ann Arbor Health Center
Jeffrey Douglas Smith, MD, Medical Director, Taubman Health Center
Linda Bjork Terrell, MD, Medical Director, Briarwood Medical Group
Sandeep Vijan, MD, Associate Chief, Clinical Operations

Academic Primary Care Program Physicians

John Ayanian, MD
Linda Marie Balogh, MD
Daniel William Berland, MD
Suvarna Narendra Bhat, MD, MPH
John Eugene Billi, MD
Jeffrey Robert Borgeson, MD
Greta Loren Branford, MD
Floyd John Brinley III, MD
Brian James Brophy, MD
Jean Christina Carstensen, MD
Julia Chen, MD
Stephanie Michele Clark, MD
Kristin Marguerite Collier, MD
David Aaron Cooke, MD
Amanda Marie Cox, MD
John Crump, MD
David A. DeGuzman, MD
Monica McCarthy Dimagno, MD
Elizabeth Anne Drake, MD
Mark William Ealovega, MD
Robert Damien Ernst, MD
Rochelle A. Eubanks-Daniel, MD
Audrey L. Fan, MD
Paul L. Fine, MD
Charisse F. Gencyuz, MD
Nicole Lynn Gergen, MD
Mark Nabeel Hakim, MD
Maria Ann Han, MD
Michelle Harris Heben, MD
Jenny Naiti Hsu, MD
Cornelius Alfred James, MD
Jason Henning Ley Kahn, MD
Anita Helmle Kirsch, MD
Mary Kleaveland, MD, MPH
Kristen Arlene Krieger, MD
Yeong Seok Kwok, MD
Thuy B. Ledesai, MD
Kuenok Lee, MD
Jennifer Reilly Lukela, MD
Dale Michelle Mazer, MD, MPH
Lawrence J. Mcmaster, DO
Mark A. Mcquillan, MD
Jennifer Ann Meddings, MD, MSc
Julie Ann-Francis Morelock, MD
Tejpreet Kaur Nakai, DO
Jennifer Green Nastelin, MD
Rebecca Michelle Northway, MD
Thomas Patrick O'Connor, MD
Kimberly Susan O'Donnell, MD
Elisa Anne Ostafin, MD
Russell M. Pajewski, MD
Rajesh Nagin Patel, MD
Christine Ann Persson, MD
Jacklyn Lindsay Quade, MD
Allison LaBoon Ruff, MD
Thomas Peter Claire Scott-Craig, MD
Vanessa Kay Scowden, MD
Jeffery Douglas Smith, MD
Barbara Soyster, MD
David A. Spahlinger, MD
David Robert Stutz, MD
Eleanor Yuelee Sun, MD
Jeremy Broder Sussman, MD, MSc
Linda Bjork Terrell, MD
Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc
Sandeep Vijan, MD
Eric Charles Walford, MD
David Michael Wallace, MD
Melissa Yun-Sun Wei, MD
Brent Cutler Williams, MD
Denise Hui-Chin Zao, MD
Jennifer Christine Zelnik, MD