Our faculty members’ research interests are diverse, including areas such as healthcare quality and safety, ethics, delivery of healthcare, medical education, healthcare outcomes, cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, care of the disadvantaged and other vulnerable populations, history of medicine, and special issues in the care of patients with multiple diseases. They have published numerous papers on their research in a broad spectrum of publications.

Research Highlights

Middle-Aged Adults Worried About Health Insurance Costs Now

“Our study findings highlight that many adults in their 50s and 60s are unfortunately worried about affording health insurance and avoid care because of costs.” – Dr. Renuka Tipirneni

Carrots Plus Sticks: What Works to Reduce Low-Value Care

"The biggest lesson is that while recommendations alone can work to reduce low value care, recommendations have greater impact when they are reinforced by changes to policy and practice.” - Dr. Eve Kerr

Presentations & Posters

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