Presentations & Posters

2022 Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Conference

Poster Presentations

  • Eric Steinbrook, Susan D. Goold. "We Didn’t Have That Privilege Like Other People: Low-Income Michigan Residents’ Experiences of COVID-19 Pandemic Health Policies"
  • Jennifer Meddings, Jessica Ameling, Larry F. McMahon. "The Impact of Social Determinants of Health and Physical Disability on Post-Acute Care Use within 90 days of Elective Hip and Knee Arthroplasty"
  • Renuka Tipirneni, John Z. Ayanian. "Did the Health and Out-of-Pocket Costs of Adults Aging into Medicare Change After the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansions?"
  • Keith McAuley, Kristin Collier, Shannon Johnson. "Pitfalls and Pearls in Treating Friends and Family"
  • Aaron Parzuchowski, Mark Fendrick. "Effects of Medicaid Expansion on Adult Ambulatory Visit Volumes Among Patients with Medicaid"
  • Nonie Arora. "Beta-lactam Allergies: Demystifying the Delabeling Process"
  • Brent Williams. "Feasibility and utility of the H&P 360 in uncovering patient goals and social influences of health: Experiences at three academic medical centers"
  • Jennifer Meddings, Jessica Ameling, Larry F. McMahon. "Differences in the Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Cases Targeted by the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program and the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model"

Oral Presentations

  • Renuka Tipirneni.  “Comparison of the Association of the Area Deprivation Index, COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index, Minority Health-Social Vulnerability Index, and Social Vulnerability Index with US COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality”
  • Adam Markovitz. “The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Did Not Improve Quality or Spending for the Privately Insured”
  • Jennifer Meddings, Jessica Ameling, Larry F. McMahon. “Did Targeting 30-Day Readmissions Impact Hospitalizations Within 180 Days?”

Interest Group

  • Kristin Collier. "Health, Spirituality and Religion"


  • Cornelius James. "Clinical Updates in Medical Education"

Clinical Vignette

  • Marc Gutierrez. "Salmonella-induced Reactive Arthritis"

2019 Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Conference

Interest Groups

  • Kristin Collier. “The Health, Spirituality and Religion Interest Group”
  • Melissa Wei. “Multimorbidity, Complexity, and High Utilizers Interest Group”

Oral Presentations

  • Renu Tipirneni, Jeff Kullgren. “U.S. Adults’ Perspectives on Decision-Making about Health Insurance and Healthcare Near Retirement”
  • Susan Goold, Renu Tipirneni, John Ayanian, Jeff Kullgren. “Changes in enrollees’ health status after Medicaid expansion”
  • Jeff Kullgren, Barb Soyster, Eve Kerr. “Patient Experience in a Clinic-Level Behavioral Economic Intervention to Reduce Overuse of Low-Value Treatments for Chronic Conditions Among Older Adults”
  • Pooja Lagisetty. “Update in Pain Medicine for the Generalist”
  • Nauzley Abedini, HwaJung Choi, Melissa Wei, Ken Langa, Vineet Chopra. “The relationship of loneliness to symptom burden, intensity of care, and advance care planning at end of life in older Americans”
  • Edd Post. “Characteristics and injury mechanisms of Veteran primary care suicide decedents with and without diagnosed mental illness; 2000-2014”
  • Paul Christine. “The interaction of neighborhood environments and genetic risk for type 2 diabetes: Results from MESA and CARDIA”

Poster Presentations

  • Dina Griauzde. “A Pilot Study of a Low-Carbohydrate Diabetes Prevention Program Among Adults with Prediabetes”
  • Melissa Wei. “Purpose in life and life satisfaction moderate the association between multimorbidity and social participation among U.S. middle-aged and older adults”
  • Melissa Wei, Ken Langa. “Chronic Conditions and Physical Functioning: Development of a New ICD-Coded Multimorbidity Index for Use in Administrative Claims Data”
  • Pooja Lagisetty, Michele Heisler. “Physician-Pharmacist Collaborative Care Models to Prevent Opioid Misuse: A Pilot Study”
  • Pooja Lagisetty, Renu Tipirneni. “Restrictions on Primary Care Access for Patients Receiving Opioids”
  • Alan T. Kelley, Renu Tipirneni. “Changes in Veterans’ Coverage and Access to Care following the Affordable Care Act”
  • Renu Tipirneni. “Factors Associated with State Legislator Support for Medicaid Work Requirements”
  • Renu Tipirneni, John Ayanian, Jeff Kullgren, Susan Goold. “Longitudinal Changes in Enrollees’ Employment and Student Status After Michigan’s Medicaid Expansion”
  • Nicole Hadeed, Jennifer Lukela. “Equal Medicine: A Novel Career Development Program for Women Physicians in an Internal Medicine Residency Program”
  • Sandeep Vijan. “Hospitalization, Re-Hospitalization, Mortality, and Utilization Patterns Predicted by Novel High-Risk Patient Latent Subgroups and Complexity Scores”
  • Edd Post. “Differences in the Effect of Primary Care – Mental Health Integration on Health Care Utilization Among Men and Women Veterans”
  • Jeff Kullgren, Mark Fendrick. “Patient Decision-Making About Use of Health Savings Accounts”
  • Eve Kerr, Tanner Caverly, Jeremy Sussman, Steve Bernstein, Tim Hofer. “Assessing When to Stop or Scale Back Routine Medical Services: The ASSURES Study”
  • Brent Williams. “Student-directed community engagement projects as a learning laboratory for physician leadership – a six-year experience”
  • Tanner Caverly. “Predictors of eligible patients’ agreeing to lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography: a multilevel retrospective cohort study”
  • Mark Fendrick. “Eliminating Low-Value Pre-Operative Care in Virginia: A State's Call to Action”
  • Tanner Caverly. “Primary care providers’ perspective on implementing risk-based lung cancer screening following academic detailing”
  • Larry McMahon, Jennifer Meddings. “Elective hip and knee replacement: impact of social determinants on post-acute care use and outcomes”
  • Payal Patel, Renu Tipirneni. “The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion on Racial/Ethnic and Sex Disparities in HIV Testing: National Findings from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System”
  • Kristin M. Collier. “Healing Presence: An Elective ICU Curriculum for Medical Students Based in the Clinical Pastoral Education Training Model”
  • Vanessa Scowden. “Outpatient Handoff Matters, Too! An Intervention for Graduating PGY-3 Panel Patients and Effect on Resident Perception in a Single Large Academic Program Setting”
  • Sanjay Saint, Vineet Chopra, Nathan Houchens, Joel Howell. “A pilot cluster randomized, controlled trial of a clerkship-based visual arts curriculum to combat bias and promote well-being”


  • Melissa Wei, Jennifer Meddings. “Aligning questions and answers: A user’s guide to choosing the right secondary database to inform your health services, policy, or disparities research question”