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Clinical Committee

The mission of the hospitalist Clinical Committee is to support and empower clinical faculty to perform the best and most efficient multidisciplinary patient care. Goals of the Clinical Committee include overcoming barriers defined by clinicians and leadership through the development of people and system-level change. Learn more.

Education Committee

The mission of the hospitalist Education Committee is to provide an unparalleled learning experience in an optimal educational environment for learners of all levels. Goals of the Education Committee include organizing, creating, and leading scholastic projects and activities, as well as enhancing the professional growth of hospitalists by enabling the development and honing of their teaching and mentorship skills. Learn more.

Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Committee has developed several programs to help our faculty gain experience and mentorship and also created annual awards to recognize the best of our outstanding faculty. Learn more.

Hospital Medicine Council

The mission of the Hospital Medicine Council (HMC) Committee is to further advance the success of the University of Michigan Hospital Medicine Program and its faculty. Goals of HMC include identifying and addressing programmatic problems, overseeing the creation of innovative programs to advance the development of our faculty and facilitate their work as clinicians, educators, and scholars, and facilitating faculty communication and engagement. Learn more

Quality and Safety Committee

The mission of the Quality and Safety Committee is to oversee and ensure the quality of hospitalist clinical care. Goals include the conduct of quality assurance activities via peer review of select cases, and directing, informing, and implementing quality improvement initiatives for the inpatient general medicine services. Learn more.

Wellness Committee

The mission of the Wellness Committee is to act as a servant of the Michigan Medicine Hospitalist Group as it pertains to the promotion of well-being and camaraderie, and to enhance the culture of safety and be a resource to those seeking information relating to advancement of well-being. Learn more.

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