Faculty Development

We have developed several programs to help our faculty gain experience and mentorship and we have created yearly awards to recognize the best of our outstanding faculty. 

Noon Lectures

We have developed a series of lectures given at noon conference, including basic topics such as:

  • preoperative consultation
  • an overview of the division’s QI program
  • an overview of the MFH sub-I teaching program
  • an introduction to ward teaching and feedback
  • informatics and library systems
  • clinical billing

Quality Improvement (QI) Growth Opportunities

We have compiled some tools to help hospitalists get involved and find success in quality improvement. These include the following:

  • The IHI Open School - this is an online QI education program that helps physicians gain some of the basic skills and knowledge needed to do QI work. Register for courses at here
  • The UM Lean Courses - these courses help physicians learn QI skills in the Toyota Lean tradition. More information can be found here
  • The House Officer Patient Safety and Quality Project - hospitalists are encouraged to participate in one of these month-long, mentored projects to learn how to approach quality and safety problems discovered in the hospital. Contact David Wesorick to learn more about these opportunities.
  • Mentorship - over the years, as more hospitalists have participated in QI work, we have developed an expanding pool of hospitalist faculty that can serve as mentors for hospitalists who want to do QI work. Contact David Wesorick, MD, to learn more about these opportunities.
  • The QI Award - this award provides salary support to one hospitalist each year, to facilitate mentored QI work. The award is based on a competitive process in which applicants submit a QI proposal and the winner is selected by a committee. Learn more about current QI Award winner Anu Goyal, MD and her work.

Introduction to Clinical Teaching

This ½ day course provides hands-on learning, including role play, to help hospitalists advance their ward teaching skills. The course if offered intermittently, depending on student and instructor availability.

The Medicine Faculty Hospitalist (MFH) Awards

These awards honor the best MFH hospitalists in several categories. They are awarded annually, based on peer voting and include the following:

  • Hospitalist Clinician-of-the-Year
  • Hospitalist Educator-of-the-Year
  • The Spirit Award
  • Hospitalist Rookie-of-the-Year

Visit our Awards and Recognition page to view current and previous awardees.  

Outside Resources

There are several resources for faculty development outside the hospital medicine division. Examples include:


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