Wellness Committee


Directors: Ruby Marr, MD, Anita Amin, MD, Stephanie Czarnik, MD


To act as a servant of the Michigan Medicine Hospitalist Group as it pertains to the promotion of well-being and camaraderie. To enhance the culture of safety and be a resource to those seeking information relating to advancement of well-being.


Transforming health care by adding prioritization of provider well-being.


  • Diversity - We maximize the value of voices and contributions of all.
  • Integrity - We honor our patients by holding ourselves accountable to caring for ourselves and each other as health care providers.
  • Compassion - Recognizing that our role as Hospitalists is uniquely challenging and lends itself to burnout; we will support one another in the spirit of camaraderie and compassion.
  • Collaboration - We create extraordinary relationships by leveraging teamwork and continuous learning to provide a pathway to improved well-being.

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