Michigan St. Joe's Service

St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor - 10 East Medicine Unit Team

Director, Ruby Marr, MD

U-M Hospital Medicine Division, Dr. Rafina Khateeb

A unique collaboration between the Michigan Medicine Department of Internal Medicine and St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor (St. Joe’s) where select general medicine and geriatric patients are cared for in a comfortable community setting. Patients presenting to Michigan Medicine Emergency Department, and likely to need an admission to medicine, are actively screened by Emergency physicians and Hospitalists for transfer to the Michigan unit at St Joe’s. In addition, patients can be directly admitted from clinics and Ambulatory Diagnostic and Treatment Units (ADTUs).

Michigan Medicine & St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor - 10 East Medicine Unit Room

The unit is located on the 4th floor of St Joe’s where patients have a private room and bathroom with comfortable space for families to accompany them. Michigan Medicine Hospitalists and Geriatricians care for those patients, in close collaboration with St. Joe’s physicians, nurses, and staff. A clinical assistant is also part of our team to facilitate a smooth transition and exchange of records with the outpatient setting. For more information, please visit St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor – Michigan Medicine Inpatient Service.