Presentations & Posters

2018 Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference

Accepted Abstracts

  • Vineet Chopra, Anna Conlon, Scott Flanders. "Measuring and Reporting Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection: More Than Meets the Eye?"
  • David Bozaan, Grace Jenq, Anna Conlon, Pamela James, Lakshmi Halasyamani. "The Development of an Innovative Patient Journey Timeline to Identify Transition Gaps For a Multi-Health System Collaborative Quality Initiative: Integrated Michigan Patient-Centered Alliance In Care Transitions (I-MPACT)"
  • Vineet Chopra, Scott Kaatz, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Scott Flanders. "Does EKG-Guided Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Insertion Reduce Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis?"
  • Ji Youn Shin, Anu Goyal, David Bozaan. "Interactive Tools for Patient's Comprehension: Patient Experiences Reviewing Daily Basis Records"

Oral Presentations

  • Paul Grant, Rachel Thompson. "Essentials of Perioperative Medicine and Co-Management for the Hospitalist"
  • Craig Gunderson, Vineet Chopra. "How to Conduct a Systematic Review"
  • Valerie Vaughn. "Organizational Characteristics of Underperforming Hospitals"
  • Valerie Vaughn. "Antibiotic Overuse Hiding at Discharge"
  • Paul Grant, Steven Cohn. "Update in Perioperative Medicine"


  • Richard Schildhouse, Ana Montoya, Anu Goyal, Jason Mann, Ashley Snyder, Vineet Chopra, Lona Mody. "How Often Are Healthcare Personnel Hands Colonized with Multi-drug Resistant Organisms? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"
  • David Paje, Anna Conlon, Scott Kaatz, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Scott Flanders, Vineet Chopra. "Characteristics of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Placement in Hospitalized Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease"
  • Mark Kolbe. "Where's the Fat? A Challenging Case of Recurrent Ascites"
  • Mark Kolbe. "A Great Imitator: A Case of Intravascular CNS Lymphoma"
  • Nathan Houchens, Zachary Haupt. "The Tissue is the Issue"
  • Nathan Houchens, Lauren Heidemann, Christopher Petrilli, Tammy Ellies, Matthew Johnson, Katie Schwalm, Elizabeth Spranger, John Del Valle, Scott Flanders. "Partners In Quality: Embedding Performance Improvement Specialists Into a Safety and Quality Curriculum"
  • Anu Goyal, Vineet Chopra. "Listen To Your Gut"
  • Matthew Ettleson, Sophia Larson, Mark Kluk, Aditi Ramakrishnan, Stephanie Hoffman, Christopher Petrilli. "Time Out for Type and Screen?"


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