Presentations & Posters

2019 Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference

  • Monee Amin, Ashley Snyder, Vineet Chopra. "Calling Dr. Google"
  • Anu Goyal, Sweta Kochar, Suzanne Winter, Ashley Snyder, Vineet Chopra. "Patients Perspectives on White Boards as Bedside Visual Tools to Enhance Communication"
  • James Harrison, Margaret Fang, Vineet Chopra, Georgianne Zieger, Marisha Burden, Luci Leykum. "The I-HOPE Study: Improving Hospital Outcomes Through Patient Engagement"
  • Lakshmi Swaminathan, Scott Flanders, David Ratz, Tawny Czilok, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Vineet Chopra. "Are Midlines Safer Than PICCs in Hospitalize Patients?"
  • Ruby Marr, Anu Goyal, Suzanne Winter, Jason Mann, Ashley Snyder, Todd Greene, Vineet Chopra. "Support Opportunities for Second Victims (SOS)"
  • Mary Rogers, Scott Flanders, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Rachel Burris, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Allison Weinmann, Vineet Chopra. "Applying MAGIC to Improve PICC Appropriateness: Results from 42 Michigan Hospitals"
  • Vineet Chopra, Scott Kaatz, Dan Croteau, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Rachel Burris, Scott Flanders. "Patterns and Prevalence of PICC Use in Patients with CKD"
  • Valerie Vaughn, Tejal Gandhi, Lindsay Petty, Anna Conlon, Anurag Malani, Sarah Bloemers, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Vineet Chopra, Scott Flanders. "The Michigan Hospital Medicine Safety Consortium: Improving Patient Care By Reducing Excessive Antibiotic Use In Patient's Hospitalized with Community Acquired Pneumonia"
  • Vineet Chopra, Scott Kaatz, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Tanya Boldenow, Rachel Burris, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Scott Flanders. "Patterns and Prevalence of Midline Catheter Use in Michigan Hospitals: A Pilot Study"
  • Vineet Chopra, Rachel Burris, Muhammad Nabeel, Elizabeth Mclaughlin, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Lona Mody, Scott Flanders. "Indications and Patterns of PICC Use in Patients Discharged to SNFs"
  • Nauzley Abedini, Vineet Chopra, HwaJung Choi, Melissa Wei, Kenneth Langa. "The Relationship of Loneliness to Symptom Burden, Intensity Of Care, and Advance Care Planning at End of Life In Older Americans"
  • Nauzley Abedini, Rafina Khateeb, Jason Mann, Vineet Chopra, Rachel Kramer, Whitney Townsend, Achintya Singh. "Interventions to Reduce Aggressive End of Life Care Among Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review"
  • Lauren A Heidemann, James T Fitzgerald, David T Hughes, Sarah Hartley. "Inpatient Cross-Cover Expert Consensus Guidelines for Medical and Surgical Residents: A Delphi Analysis"
  • David A. Stephenson, Richard J. Schildhouse, Suzanne Winter, Vineet Chopra. "Are Hospitalists Willing, Ready and Able to Respond to In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest? A Multi-Center Study"
  • Tessa Adzemovic, Sushant Govindan, Suzanne Winter, Vineet Chopra. "Do Clinicians Know Which of Their Patients Have Peripheral Intravenous Catheters?"
  • Members of the Society of Hospital Medicine Patient Experience Committee. "Hospitalist Perspectives on Patient Experience"
  • Valerie Vaughn. "Antibiotic Stewardship Teams AND Clostridioides Difficile Infection Prevention Practices In United States Hospitals: A National Survey In The Joint Commission Antimicrobial Stewardship Standard Era"
  • Matthew Luzum, Mark McQuillan. "What Variables Are Associated with Performing Transthoracic Echocardiogram When Evaluating Syncope?"

Innovation Posters

  • Rafina Khateeb, Fiona Linn, Marisa Rodriguez, Jennifer Egan, David Somand, Vineet Chopra. "Reaching Across Town to Enhance Regional Inpatient Access"
  • Lauren Heidemann, Sarah Hartley, Nathan Houchens, Sanjay Saint, Suzanne Winter, Vineet Chopra. "Direct Observation of Clinical Teaching on Rounds (DOCTOR) Program"
  • Nathan Houchens. "Fueling Leadership In Yourself (FLY): A Novel Faculty and Staff Development Program"

Clinical Vignette Posters 

  • Satyen Nichani. “A Good Drug Goes Rogue”
  • Matthew Luzum, David Paje. "Idiopathic Central Diabetes Insipidus Revealed by an Incidental, Iatrogenic Water Deprivation Test"

Lectures, Workshops & Oral Presentations

  • Paul Grant, Rachel Thompson, Carolyn Pinkerton, Hari Parvataneni. “Common Goals, Differing Perspectives: Effective Collaboration Among Anesthesiologists, Hospitalists, and Surgeons”
  • Vineet Chopra, Charlie Wray, Vinny Arora, Lekshmi Santhosh. “Tweet Your Way to the Top: Social Media as a Career Development Tool in Hospital Medicine"
  • Nauzley Abedini, David Rawson. “Acknowledging the Elephant in the Room: Prognostication in Serious Illness.”
  • Rafina Khateeb, Fiona Linn, Marisa Rodriguez, Jennifer Egan, David Somand, Vineet Chopra. "Reaching Across the Aisle to Enhance Regional Inpatient Access" 


2018 Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference

Accepted Abstracts

  • Vineet Chopra, Anna Conlon, Scott Flanders. "Measuring and Reporting Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection: More Than Meets the Eye?"
  • David Bozaan, Grace Jenq, Anna Conlon, Pamela James, Lakshmi Halasyamani. "The Development of an Innovative Patient Journey Timeline to Identify Transition Gaps For a Multi-Health System Collaborative Quality Initiative: Integrated Michigan Patient-Centered Alliance In Care Transitions (I-MPACT)"
  • Vineet Chopra, Scott Kaatz, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Scott Flanders. "Does EKG-Guided Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Insertion Reduce Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis?"
  • Ji Youn Shin, Anu Goyal, David Bozaan. "Interactive Tools for Patient's Comprehension: Patient Experiences Reviewing Daily Basis Records"

Oral Presentations

  • Paul Grant, Rachel Thompson. "Essentials of Perioperative Medicine and Co-Management for the Hospitalist"
  • Craig Gunderson, Vineet Chopra. "How to Conduct a Systematic Review"
  • Valerie Vaughn. "Organizational Characteristics of Underperforming Hospitals"
  • Valerie Vaughn. "Antibiotic Overuse Hiding at Discharge"
  • Paul Grant, Steven Cohn. "Update in Perioperative Medicine"


  • Richard Schildhouse, Ana Montoya, Anu Goyal, Jason Mann, Ashley Snyder, Vineet Chopra, Lona Mody. "How Often Are Healthcare Personnel Hands Colonized with Multi-drug Resistant Organisms? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"
  • David Paje, Anna Conlon, Scott Kaatz, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Scott Flanders, Vineet Chopra. "Characteristics of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Placement in Hospitalized Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease"
  • Mark Kolbe. "Where's the Fat? A Challenging Case of Recurrent Ascites"
  • Mark Kolbe. "A Great Imitator: A Case of Intravascular CNS Lymphoma"
  • Nathan Houchens, Zachary Haupt. "The Tissue is the Issue"
  • Nathan Houchens, Lauren Heidemann, Christopher Petrilli, Tammy Ellies, Matthew Johnson, Katie Schwalm, Elizabeth Spranger, John Del Valle, Scott Flanders. "Partners In Quality: Embedding Performance Improvement Specialists Into a Safety and Quality Curriculum"
  • Anu Goyal, Vineet Chopra. "Listen To Your Gut"
  • Matthew Ettleson, Sophia Larson, Mark Kluk, Aditi Ramakrishnan, Stephanie Hoffman, Christopher Petrilli. "Time Out for Type and Screen?"


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