About Us

The independent field of infectious diseases was formed in the 1960's during a time when hospitals began experiencing an increase in resistant bacteria. In 1970, the Centers for Disease Control published a report entitled "Comprehensive Hospital Infections Project" which recommended the need for hospitals to establish positions for an infection control nurse and a hospital epidemiologist. Michigan Medicine, ahead of its time, was already in the process of hiring an infectious diseases physician. In 1967, Dr. Robert Fekety was recruited, the first chief of the division, which set in motion the standard of excellence we continue today in patient care, research, education, and training.  

Patient Care Activities

Our division consists of over 40 full-time and adjunct faculty members who possess a broad range of knowledge in infectious disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients. Outpatient consultation and treatment of our patients take place at the Infectious Disease Clinic at Taubman Health CenterInfectious Disease at Canton Health Center, and VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

COVID-19 Patient Care Initiatives

Our faculty and staff work tirelessly to ensure the safe and timely care of COVID-19 patients. In addition, many are involved in the development of Michigan Medicine COVID-19 guidelines and policies and :

  • Sandro Cinti, MD 
    • COVID-19 vaccine rollout for Michigan Medicine faculty and staff
    • Scarce Resource Utilization Committee Service
  • Tejal Gandhi, MD
    • Medical Director of the Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP) which is responsible for the development of inpatient and ambulatory COVID-19 treatment guidelines
    • Therapeutics Committee Team Lead for the Michigan Medicine COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapeutics Taskforce
    • Treatment guidelines for prophylaxis
  • Daniel Kaul, MD
    • Coordination of monoclonal antibody for prophylaxis of immune compromised
    • Leading the effort to administer evusheld - the primary prophylaxis monoclonal for immunosuppressed
    • Guidelines for how to handle potential recipients who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 while on the transplant list
  • Preeti Malani, MDMichigan Medicine Chief Health Officer
    • Development of University of Michigan/Michigan Medicine COVID responses
  • Lindsay Petty, MD
    • Medical director of the Michigan Medicine Monoclonal Antibody Program
    • Adult Lead of Ambulatory Antimicrobial Stewardship and COVID Outpatient Therapeutics Guideline Committee Lead
    • Associate Director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
    • Treatment guidelines for prophylaxis
  • Emily Stoneman, MD oversaw the COVID-19 vaccination program for U-M employees and helped to facilitate U-M’s mandatory vaccination program for employees.
  • Laraine Washer, MD
    • COVID testing protocols for ambulatory, pre-procedure, ED, and hospitalized patients

Research Activities

Our faculty members' research interests are many and include antimicrobial resistant organisms, healthcare-associated infections including Clostridium difficile infection, HIV and AIDS and associated opportunistic infections, retroviruses, bioterrorism and emerging infections, immune function after transplantation, hepatitis C infection, epidemiology of opportunistic infections after transplantation, and complicated urinary tract infections. Additionally, many of our faculty members hold joint appointments and perform research activities through the University of Michigan Department of EpidemiologyDepartment of Microbiology and Immunology, and Institute of Gerontology.

COVID-19 Research Initiatives

Many of our researchers shifted their focus to find ways to detect, prevent, and treat COVID-19:

  • Sandro Cinti, MD is part of a collaboration with the European Confederation of Medical Mycology:
    • Multinational observational study to determine the Risk factors and outcome of pulmonary aspergillosis in critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019
    • Diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 associated pulmonary apergillosis in critically ill patients
  • Jonathan Golob, MD, PhD serves on the drug safety monitoring board of the phase III Sanofi COVID-19 vaccine trials
  • Kevin Gregg, MD 
    • Site principal investigator on clinical trial of sarilumab 
    • Site co-investigator on vaccine for Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca clinical trials
  • Adam Lauring, MD, PhD 
    • Developed a large genomic surveillance program that has sequenced approximately 20-30% of viruses sequenced in the State of Michigan and processed over 15,000 samples for sequencing
    • Received over $2m in grants and published over 24 articles
    • Conducted numerous interviews and took part in many webinars, podcasts, and grand rounds - both internally and externally

Education and Training Activities

Our Infectious Diseases Fellowship Training Program provides both research-oriented and clinical training, allowing fellows to develop as physician-scientists or as infectious diseases clinicians. We value flexibility, and the learning experiences are customized to meet the individual goals of each fellow. Our division places a high value on the continual education of our faculty and fellows and holds weekly grand rounds and conferences to provide opportunities to learn and discuss recent cases, research findings, and up-to-date diagnostic and treatment strategies.

COVID-19 Education Initiatives

We provide ongoing COVID-19 education to Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, residents, students, patients, and the state of Michigan and beyond:

  • Ji Hoon Baang, MD
    • Interviewed by Cancertoday about COVID-19 immunocompromised host 
    • Interviewed by multiple South Korean broadcasting companies including Arirang TV, TBS radio, and Pusan eFM
  • Suzanne Bradley, MD conducted radio and TV interviews for the Human Services Media Tour for the State of Michigan on why you and your child should be vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Tejal Gandhi, MD
    • Moderator and discussant for MI-COVID19 webinars which provided timely reviews on therapeutic modalities for COVID-19 to hundreds of providers across Michigan
    • Published six invited or peer-reviewed papers focusing on the management of COVID-19 in Clinical Infectious Diseases, JAMA, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, BMJ Open, and Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
  • Daniel Kaul, MD
    • COVID-19 guidelines for the American Association Study of Liver Disease (AASLD) on COVID-19 vaccination and treatment
    • Spoke at the Canadian Transplant Society regarding COVID-19 treatment
    • Helped to write the American Society of Transplantation Guidance on the use of paxlovid and molunipiravir in transplant recipients 
  • Powel Kazanjian, MD teaches undergraduate course in the U-M History Department that places COVID-19 in historical perspective 
  • Adam Lauring, MD, PhD was interviewed by numerous outlets including CNBC, JAMA, New York Times, The Michigan Daily, Bridge Michigan, KTLA, WTVY
  • Preeti Malani, MD 
  • Laraine Washer, MD
    • Infection prevention expertise to the University of Michigan Campus and Michigan Medicine 
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and training materials completed by over 90% of Michigan Medicine employees
    • Provided infection prevention expertise to local skilled nursing facilities