The division has become more internally specialized over the past 50 years in response to growing needs and has evolved to include the below programs.

HIV/AIDS Treatment Program

In 1995, in response to the AIDS epidemic, we established the HIV/AIDS Treatment Program, with Dr. Powel H. Kazanjian as the director. The program provides comprehensive care for the whole person. We utilize a multi-focused team approach that addresses not only the patient's medical needs, but also psychosocial needs. In addition to six Infectious Diseases faculty members who specialize in HIV care, the staff includes specialized nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and medical assistants. Today, we follow approximately 800 patients with HIV infection and the Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System has over 150 additional patients. In addition, one of our faculty members, Carol Kauffman, MD, has served on the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Committee to establish Guidelines for Care of Opportunistic Fungal infections in AIDS patients. 

The HIV/AIDS Treatment Program provides:

  • Expert management of HIV infection
  • Expert management of complications related to AIDS
  • Primary medical care
  • Coordination with your physician
  • Consumer involvement
  • Free anonymous HIV testing and consulting
  • Substance abuse counseling

ID Transplant Program

In 2005, we established the ID Transplant Program to provide expertise and establish treatment protocols for treatment and prophylaxis of infection to the solid organ transplant programs (lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, heart) and bone marrow transplant programs in the hospital. Opportunistic infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in transplant recipients, and the transplant program has created specialized protocols that have led to the implementation of coordinated diagnostic approaches as well as comprehensive, streamlined approaches to manage these infections. Daniel Kaul, MD, is the director of the program that provides specialized care to the transplant programs, and there are four ID faculty members who specialize in ID transplant care. As is the case with the HIV/AIDS Treatment Program, there is a teaching and clinical research component associated with the transplant program.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

In 2010, we established the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in response to the increasing epidemic of drug resistant organisms in the hospital setting. Stewardship programs were formed in many hospitals in the country at this time, as the largely educational approach to use antibiotics rationally failed to reduce antibiotic overuse. The genesis of the program nationwide was to curb unnecessary antimicrobial use in order to reduce wasteful use of limited and non-renewable resources (e.g., antibiotics that are active against bacteria as they exist today), minimize harm to the patient (by avoiding unnecessary adverse reactions, superinfections, and Clostridia difficile infection) and avoid the never ceasing process of resistant microbes. Dr. Laraine Washer serves as the medical director of our Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. The program provides general education services to clinical teams throughout the hospital, as well as individual feedback to physicians who have prescribed an antibiotic that does not meet established indications and advice on administering an effective, alternate antibiotic. Moreover, using a formulary of restricted antibiotics, the program has reduced inappropriate use of newer agents through a process of prior authorization. The program has resulted in a substantial reduction of inappropriate antibiotic use. There is a teaching and clinical research arm to this program, which is headed by Dr. Tejal Gandhi.

Overseas Travel Clinic

Our Overseas Travel Clinic is available by appointment for anyone seeking advice before traveling to destinations that may present challenges to the traveler's health. Our travel nurses have access to the latest information concerning health risks and vaccine requirements for specific destinations, worldwide.