Achievements & News

Awards & Distinctions

Dr. Gemma Pearson presents her work at the 2019 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions
Dr. Gemma Pearson presents her work at the 2019 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions
  • The Soleimanpour Lab has been invited to join the NIH Human Islet Research Network (HIRN) Consortium. As part of the HIRN Consortium on Beta Cell Death and Survival, the Soleimanpour lab will investigate the integrated roles of beta cell proinsulin misfolding, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction in the development of T1D, together with collaborators at Michigan Medicine (2020).
  • Dr. Scott Soleimanpour selected to serve a two-year term on the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions Planning Committee. He will be Co-Chair of the Islet Biology/Insulin Secretion Program (2020).
  • Abstract by Dr. Vaibhav Sidarala selected for oral presentation at the ADA Scientific Sessions (2020).
  • National Institutes of Health F31 Predoctoral Fellowship awarded to Morgan Gingerich (2020).
  • Dr. Scott Soleimanpour named Associate Director, Director of T1D Basic Research, and Director of Enrichment Programs for the Elizabeth Weiser Caswell Diabetes Institute (2020).
  • American Diabetes Association Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded to Dr. Gemma Pearson (2019).

In the News

Dr. Scott Soleimanpour is interviewed by WDIV’s Medical Expert, Dr. Frank McGeorge
Dr. Scott Soleimanpour is interviewed by WDIV’s medical expert, Dr. Frank McGeorge

Community Outreach

Gemma Pearson

Morgan Gingerich

  • Serves as the Director of an annual week-long series Biology Lab for high school students with the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion Michigan Health Sciences Pre-College Exposure Academy.
  • Annual mentorship of Forsythe Middle School students’ science fair projects by supporting students in developing a research question and hypothesis, conducting experiments, interpreting their results, and formatting a presentation.
  • Volunteers for Females Excelling More in Math Engineering and the Sciences (FEMMES) Capstones events. Includes a biannual day-long hands-on science workshop for 4th-6th grade girls from the Detroit area that exposes girls to STEM and fosters mentorship.
  • Leads hands-on lessons on human physiology at Ypsilanti’s Estabrook Elementary School to 3rd-5th graders who lack a designated science curriculum with SEEK:Science Education & Engagement for Kids.