Lab Life

Soleimanpour Lab Values Statement 

In the Soleimanpour lab, we firmly believe that each member brings unique perspectives and valuable contributions to our team. It is our aspiration to cultivate an environment where every lab member can fully realize their potential, unrestricted by barriers or limitations. We are committed to creating a culture where every voice is heard, where the diverse experiences and backgrounds of our members are celebrated, and where inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our research endeavors. Through mutual respect and understanding, we endeavor to uphold an environment where all are welcomed, valued, and empowered to thrive.

In the Soleimanpour lab, we champion the following rights for all: 

  1. The right to be included: Every member of our lab community has the right to feel included, valued, and respected regardless of background, experience, or perspective. In our lab, we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We continually strive to recognize and correct our unconscious biases.
  2. The right to be treated with respect: All individuals in our lab deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness, and consideration in all interactions and collaborations.
  3. The right to request and/or need help: It's okay to seek assistance; every member has the right to ask for help, support, or guidance when needed without fear of stigma or judgment. Our aim is to foster a culture of knowledge sharing, where members freely offer assistance with the intention of empowering each other to eventually act independently.
  4. The right to ask questions: Curiosity is encouraged, and every member has the right to seek clarification, ask questions, and engage in open dialogue to deepen understanding.
  5. The right to pursue individual career goals and personal aspirations: This includes working diligently, being self-motivated, and respecting others' time and commitments. Flexibility and understanding in scheduling and collaboration are essential to foster a supportive environment. Crucial to this supportive environment is respecting the working styles of all lab members.
  6. The right to open communication: Everyone deserves to be listened to and taken seriously. Active listening and mutual respect are fundamental; every voice deserves to be heard and given thoughtful consideration. When conflict occurs, we encourage direct and empathetic communication to seek a resolution.
  7. The right to make mistakes: Mistakes are an inevitable part of the learning process; every member has the right to take risks, learn from errors, and grow professionally without fear of condemnation.
  8. The right to a gossip-free environment: Our lab is committed to fostering a culture of positivity, professionalism, and respect. Every member has the right to work in an environment free from gossip, rumors, or mean-spirited talk. We uphold the value of honest and open communication, refraining from engaging in behaviors that undermine trust or create discord among team members.
  9. The right to mental health support: Mental well-being is paramount; every member has the right to access support, resources, and accommodations to maintain positive mental health.
  10. The right to be a good lab citizen: We recognize the importance of maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient laboratory environment. Every member has the responsibility to clean up after themselves and return common equipment to its proper place. It is expected that members will sign up to use shared equipment on the Google calendar and will request common reagents as needed. Everyone is expected to leave common spaces clean and well-stocked.      
  11. The right to work in a collaborative environment: The success of any one of us reflects on all. Share credit, be generous with authorship, listen to the ideas of others, and be genuinely happy for peers’ success.