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U-M Nephrology Division

The Division of Nephrology is dedicated to serving people with kidney disease. Despite major advances in medicine, kidney disease continues to increase and has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Faculty in the division practice and teach optimal care for patients with a broad spectrum of kidney diseases at all stages. In addition, faculty members are actively involved in high-quality basic science, outcomes, and clinical research aimed at better treatment options as well as prevention of kidney-related health issues.

Focused on Patient Care 

We provide state-of-the-art care to patients from across the country in all areas of kidney disease – acute and chronic kidney diseases, cystic diseases of the kidney, diabetic kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, glomerulonephritis and glomerular diseases, lupus, hypertension, kidney and pancreas transplantation, kidney-related metabolic disorders, kidney stones, and rate and genetic kidney diseases. Our division consists of over 50 faculty members who care for patients at the Nephrology Clinic at Taubman Center, Nephrology at Brighton Center for Specialty Care, Nephrology at Northville Health Center, and the University of Michigan Hospital.

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Focused on Research

Our faculty are conducting exciting and innovative basic science, clinical, and outcomes-based research, all devoted to finding new ways to prevent and treat kidney disease. Research achievements include:

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Focused on Education and Training

Our division prides itself on the high value we place on education and training for faculty and fellows. We work continuously to improve the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney disease, whether it’s through our:

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Chief, Subramaniam Pennathur, MD

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Subramaniam Pennathur
Dr. Subramaniam Pennathur

Dr. Subramaniam Pennathur completed his clinical training in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Nephrology at Washington University in Saint Louis, where he served as Chief Resident. He then completed research fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Washington University in Saint Louis, and the University of Washington in Seattle.

In addition to Dr. Pennathur's role as Chief for the Division of Nephrology, he also serves as the Director of the Molecular Phenotyping and Metabolomics Core and the Physician Scientist Program in the Department of Internal Medicine. 

Dr. Pennathur's research has focused on the applications of biological mass spectrometry in disease pathogenesis. His lab has utilized mass spectrometry to identify key protein and metabolite alterations in disease states and tested the hypothesis whether these alterations predict complications in animal models and humans. Their strategy has been to develop analytical techniques in animal models and validate these markers in humans and then interrogating the animal model for biological pathway relevance. Recent extension of this work has included targeted as well as unbiased metabolomic and proteomic profiling. 

Faculty Leadership

Faculty Leadership - Clinical Appointments

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Michael Heung
Dr. Michael Heung

Michael Heung, MD, MS
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Associate Chief, Clinical Affair

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Silas Norman
Dr. Silas Norman

Silas Norman, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, Transplant Ambulatory Care Unit
Interim Co-Director, Kidney and Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program

U-M Division of Nephrology, Dr. Julie Wright Nunes
Dr. Julie Wright

Julie Wright, MD
Associate Professor

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Lenar Yessayan
Dr. Lenar Yessayan

Lenar Yessayan, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
CEO, Michigan Dialysis Service
Medical Director, Inpatient Dialysis Program


Faculty Leadership - Administrative Appointments

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Mona Doshi
Dr. Mona Doshi

Mona Doshi, MBBS
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Interim Co-Director, Kidney and Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Puneet Garg
Dr. Puneet Garg

Puneet Garg, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Chief of Nephrology, Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Medical Center

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Panduranga Rao
Dr. Panduranga Rao

Panduranga Rao, MD, DNB, MS
Richard D. Swartz MD Collegiate Professor of Nephrology
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, Nephrology Fellowship Program 

U-M Nephrology Division, Dr. Balazs Szamosfalvi
Dr. Balazs Szamosfalvi

Balazs Szamosfalvi, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, Peritoneal and Home Hemodialysis Program


Division Administrator

Jason Ceo
Division Administrator
1500 East Medical Center Drive
3914H Taubman Center, SPC 5364
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
[email protected]

Weller Alumni Society

The Weller Society brings together alumni, faculty, and friends of the University of Michigan Division of Nephrology. The Society is named after Dr. John Weller, who served as the first Chief of Nephrology at the University of Michigan from 1964-1977.

Established in 1964, the University of Michigan Division of Nephrology has grown tremendously over the last 50 years and is now internationally recognized for its patient care, research, and education. The division's success today has been built on a tradition of excellence which first started when Dr. John M. Weller accepted to become Nephrology's first division chief.  

Dr. John Weller earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan in 1940 and his Doctor of Medicine degree at Harvard in 1943. After a decade in which he completed his residency and taught at Harvard, he returned home to the University of Michigan as an assistant professor in 1953. Shortly following his arrival, he was called away for a year and a half service in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. Following his stint in the Army, Dr. Weller resumed his career at the University of Michigan, rising up through the ranks in Nephrology to become a full professor in 1963. He was tapped to become Nephrology’s first division chief as the growing unit was formed into an independent division of Internal Medicine in 1964. Dr. Weller held membership in numerous professional societies, played a key leadership role in the activities of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, and was the author of numerous scientific publications as well as several books concerned with diseases of the kidney. Dr. Weller held the position until 1977.  

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Administrative Office

Jason Ceo
Division Administrator
1500 East Medical Center Drive
3914H Taubman Center, SPC 5364
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: 734-936-4888 (non-patient related calls only)
[email protected] 

Academic Office (Division Chief)

Imm-Kee Lang
Administrative Assistant to the Chief
Department of Internal Medicine
Brehm Tower, Suite 5100, SPC 5714
1000 Wall Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: (734) 936-5645 (non-patient related calls only)
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