U-M Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center

U-M Nephrology KECC  U-M Nephrology KECC  U-M Nephrology KECC

The University of Michigan Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center (UM-KECC) is an interdisciplinary research group drawing from the Departments of Biostatistics, Health Management and Policy, Surgery, and the Division of Nephrology. Our mission is to promote health, improve clinical practice and patient outcomes, optimize resource utilization, and inform public policy regarding organ failure and organ transplantation; we pursue this mission through high-quality research, advances in biostatistics, and post-graduate education and training.

Twelve Internal Medicine faculty are among the 50 faculty, staff, and students who work on UM-KECC projects. UM-KECC grew out of work on End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) starting in the 1980s by Friedrich K. Port and Robert A. Wolfe at the University of Michigan and the Michigan Kidney Registry and by Philip J. Held at The Urban Institute. UM-KECC was formed in 1993 when the USRDS contract from NIH moved to Michigan. Since then, UM-KECC has grown into a major research Center with projects in many areas: UM-KECC current list of projects. Funding is entirely from research grants and contracts from CMS, NIH, HRSA, CDC, and other public and private sources. UM-KECC is physically located at 1415 Washington Heights, Suite 3645A SPH I.