We have a weekly Rheumatology Grand Rounds that has several alternating formats:

  • Pathology conferences where a faculty pathologist presents and discusses tissue histopathology from recent cases.
  • Radiology conferences where a Rheumatology fellow and Radiology resident jointly prepare and present the clinical background and imaging on patients of interest.
  • Visiting speakers.
  • Clinicopathological / Morbidity and Mortality Conferences. These are prepared and presented by fellows who choose cases based on their teaching value.
  • Traditional Grand Rounds presentations are presented by fellows and usually consist of an instructive clinical case followed by a relevant literature review. Each fellow presents two Radiology conferences and two to three CPC/M&M’s or traditional Grand Rounds/year.

We also have a weekly Core Curriculum Conference. Speakers are drawn from Rheumatology faculty and faculty from other units, and covers topics relevant to the entire clinical and basic science curriculum in a two-year cycle.

Journal club is held monthly. Two articles are usually presented, one basic science article by a postdoctoral research fellow or Rheumatology fellow in the research part of their training, and one clinically-based article, which is presented by a Rheumatology fellow. Each fellow usually presents at two journal clubs per year.

A research conference is held monthly, with presentations by visiting speakers, invited faculty, and fellows in their second year of training. Many of our faculty are members of the Immunology Graduate Program and fellows are encouraged to attend weekly Immunology seminars of interest.