Invited Lectures

Dr. Knight has been asked to speak at numerous meetings and conferences, here at Michigan Medicine, regionally, and nationally. Listed below are his latest lectures. 

  • What to Expect from a New Decade for APS. ACR Convergence (American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting). November 2020
  • What Queen Anne’s Lupus Can Teach Us About COVID-19. Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sciences, Cleveland Clinic. October 2020
  • Prothrombotic and NET-Inducing Autoantibodies in COVID-19. Neutrophils in COVID-19 Banbury Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. September 2020
  • Mechanisms of APS, the Role of NETosis, and the Pregnancy Connection. Lupus2020, Lupus Research Alliance. September 2020                
  • Role of NETosis in Lupus and APS. 46th Annual Ishmael Rheumatology Symposium, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. September 2020

Listen to Dr. Knight's presentation "What Can Queen Anne’s Lupus Teach Us About COVID-19?" that he gave at the University of Washington (Seattle) Rheumatology Grand Rounds in June 2020.