Dr. Knight has been asked to speak at numerous meetings and conferences, here at Michigan Medicine, regionally, and nationally. Listed below are some of his latest talks. 

  • APS: Past, Present, and Future (2nd of 2 talks, starts approximately 1 hour into the webinar). American College of Rheumatology, Virtual Rheumatology Practicum for Adults. August 2021
  • Antiphospholipid Antibodies in COVID-19. Rheumatology Research Foundation, Summer Research Series. August 2021
  • COVID-19 - The Autoimmunity Pandemic. Frankel Cardiovascular Center Michigan Biology of Cardiovascular Aging (M-BoCA) Seminar, Michigan Medicine. May 2021
  • What Can Queen Anne’s Lupus Teach Us About COVID-19? Everett D. Reese Immunology and Rheumatology Research Seminar, Ohio State University. February 2021
  • APS: Past, Present, and Future. 15th National Workshop of Rheumatic Disease, China. November 2020
  • What to Expect from a New Decade for APS. ACR Convergence (American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting). November 2020
  • What Queen Anne’s Lupus Can Teach Us About COVID-19. Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sciences, Cleveland Clinic. October 2020
  • Prothrombotic and NET-Inducing Autoantibodies in COVID-19. Neutrophils in COVID-19 Banbury Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. September 2020
  • Mechanisms of APS, the Role of NETosis, and the Pregnancy Connection. Lupus2020, Lupus Research Alliance. September 2020                
  • Role of NETosis in Lupus and APS. 46th Annual Ishmael Rheumatology Symposium, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. September 2020
  • What Can Queen Anne’s Lupus Teach Us About COVID-19? Rheumatology Grand Rounds, University of Washington (Seattle). June 2020


Dr. Knight presents "Antiphospholipid Antibodies in COVID-19".
Dr. Knight presents "COVID-19 - The Autoimmunity Pandemic".
Dr. Knight presents "APS: Past, Present,
and Future".


Dr. Knight and Dr. Zuo discuss their research work on APS and COVID-19.